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Part1: common regrets in the decoration of second-hand houses

the price of first-hand houses is high, and second-hand houses have become the preferred choice for many people to buy houses. With the saved money, we can transform and decorate second-hand houses. Of course, we hope to decorate them as much as possible as we want. If you don't pay attention in the process of decoration, you will leave a lot of regrets. The following three points are often found in the process of decorating second-hand houses:

when decorating second-hand houses, many homeowners did not uproot the original old walls for convenience, which buried a lot of trouble in their future use

the second-hand houses have been used for a long time, and the circuits and water pipelines of the houses are relatively old. During the decoration, the original waterways must be checked. The circuits of the second-hand houses are generally simple in distribution, aging wires and illegal wires. It is recommended to thoroughly transform and re layout

property buyers should carefully inspect the waterproof condition of the house during acceptance. Compared with other places, it is relatively difficult to inspect the waterproof condition of second-hand houses. Property buyers can inspect the waterproof effect of the house through places that are easy to be wet, such as the corners of toilets and kitchens

part2: precautions for second-hand house decoration

compared with new house decoration, second-hand house decoration, old house decoration, old house decoration is a systematic project, and there are no small differences in design and construction. If you want to make the best use of second-hand housing decoration, it is indeed a "knowledge"

before decoration, you must make a detailed calculation for yourself. And when you buy things, you must consume rationally. The whole planning and design is very important to avoid the owners from taking some detours in the decoration process. Generally, before the renovation, the owner needs to clarify whether to make partial renovation. For example, some of the original layout of the house can be accepted by the owner; Or because of the budget and other problems, the owner only makes some partial transformation

the load-bearing wall is the main body of the house. Once there is a problem, it will affect the structure of the whole house. There are doors and external walls. Try not to dismantle these walls; And take a ruler to measure the thickness of the wall, which must be the bearing wall; These walls in the bedroom must be load-bearing walls, which cannot be removed. So before tearing down the wall, we must figure out what is a load-bearing wall and what is a non load-bearing wall

when someone chooses decoration materials, they suddenly have a passion for some "high-quality goods" or are moved by seeing "bargains". Such purchases may cause "disharmony" in the overall home configuration. Therefore, in the decoration, you must have an overall vision, make clear in your heart where your home is located in the "high, medium and low" file, and purchase all kinds of materials and goods at that level





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