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Bring the color of nature into your home, let the color of nature dissolve the sadness of autumn in one room, and let your autumn life be like a fish in water

plants and trees fall and decay, while wandering children leave their hometown but the moon is full

the hurried time is no longer, which is the most painful thing in autumn

how to resolve the sadness of this autumn

home is our shelter,

let's start from home to resolve autumn sorrow

in the golden autumn season,

whether it's golden wheat fields or orange fruits,

red maple forests or brown fallen leaves,

and the four seasons evergreen trees,

all make autumn colorful

these colorful things are all gifts from nature.

move the colors of nature into your home,

let the natural colors dissolve the sadness of autumn in a room,

let your autumn life be like a fish in water

yellow is the color of nature's golden autumn

among all colors, yellow is the brightest color,

gives people a light, transparent visual experience,

a promising color like the rising sun

from the perspective of color psychology, yellow is one of the colors that can best improve human mood

yellow curtains light up gloomy mood in autumn

it's crisp in autumn. You can see that the mountains are red and the forests are dyed

exciting autumn red,

full of bloody heat,

once touched in late autumn,

can bring people back to life full of blood

red curtains, boiling tired body and mind in autumn

in autumn with fallen leaves, a touch of evergreen green adds infinite vitality to the bleak autumn

decorate your home with green curtains,

return you to the freshness of spring

green curtains enrich the dull world in autumn

embrace the color of nature,

like a fish in water, make home closer to nature

in the bleak autumn, you can also have a cool autumn in Ledao

like a duck to water curtain, intimate only for you

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