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In recent years,

bay window design has become more and more popular in home decoration

it is a home corner that allows you to show your skills.

no matter how you want to decorate it, you can give full play to it.

make reasonable use of the floating window,

can always bring a romantic and warm color to the room,

let the family better enjoy the fun of high-quality life

then how should the bay window be designed to give full play to its value and charm

leisure style floating window design

if the floating window has a relatively large area and has favorable conditions for lighting, ventilation and vision, you can design the floating window into a multi-functional leisure area - lay a layer of soft tatami at the bottom of the floating window, put a few pillows and a tea table, you can easily have a leisure corner, and the small space is instantly full of elegant and warm atmosphere

design of storage bay window

drawer storage cabinet is designed at the bottom. It is our most common bay window form, which can add a practical function to the originally comfortable and beautiful bay window area. Not only is it beautiful, but some green potted plants are placed on the window, and the whole room is filled with Smart vitality, with a feeling of small space and large style

bookshelf style floating window design

if you want to create a relaxed and free office and learning atmosphere, you might as well transform the floating window into a bookstand - according to the height of the floating window, put side cabinets on both sides of it, and design it into a bookshelf, which can make the floating window become the visual focus of the whole space, with a little more artistic flavor

the above several kinds of bay window designs can bring unexpected effects to your room. Which one do you prefer? You might as well transform one

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