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If integrated wall enterprises want to really win the favor of consumers, maximize market share and constantly improve terminal service functions, they will bring great convenience to integrated wall users.

with the gradual improvement of living standards of Chinese residents and the maturity of consumer psychology and consumption concepts, personalization and fashion have gradually become a major consumption demand of current consumers. Everyone wants to be different, which is the most direct embodiment of personalization. Therefore, customization has become a means to meet the personalized needs of current consumers. Nowadays, more and more integrated wall enterprises have targeted the customization market, and are eager to try. The determination and institutionalization of "look at the face" has become a norm. As the last link for integrated wall products to reach consumers, the image of integrated wall stores has become more and more important. In the face of the increasing number of members of the "foreign trade association", Integrated wall stores need to improve their "image" in many ways

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terminal sales can affect the core lifeline of the regional market sales of integrated wall dealers. Running the terminal well can guide consumption, improve brand image, improve product flow rate, and strive for better and more production space and resources for dealers. Therefore, improving terminal sales has become the top priority for integrated wall dealers to improve regional sales. Especially in recent years, affected by the regulation of the upstream real estate industry and other factors, the current integrated wall market competition has become increasingly fierce, and a situation of competition has formed

in today's "channel wins, terminal is king", many integrated wall enterprises attach great importance to terminal work. Whether from the perspective of manufacturers or dealers, the control of terminals is of great strategic significance. However, for integrated wall dealers, in the face of problems such as unsalable products and rising management costs, they also need to improve their terminal sales skills in order to break through the difficulties and win the market

in fact, on the road of customization, more and more integrated wall enterprises have recognized the importance of brand, but the customized brands in the market are still uneven. Integrated wall enterprises should increase efforts in product quality, image publicity, sales service, corporate culture construction and other links, clarify strategic positioning, formulate appropriate development and marketing strategies, further expand market share and social influence, and create a strong brand in the industry

for integrated wall enterprises that want to further expand and strengthen, they should dare to invest in channels. Some experts even believe that integrated wall enterprises should invest 30% in production and 70% in channels. The channels mentioned here do not only refer to dealers, but more to the cultural construction and publicity of products. The era of relying only on words in the past has passed, and now more attention is paid to the real inner needs of consumers. What style is it and what special meaning is it. No matter which product it is, its value lies in its culture, like falling in love with a person or a city. Integrated wall enterprises need to understand the internal needs of consumers

as a consumer product that people don't need to use and buy often in daily life, people don't have a high understanding of the integrated wall. When buying integrated wall products, people not only search relevant information online and listen to others' opinions, but also hope to experience the use effect of the products. As a place where consumers can directly contact the integrated wall, the store is also an important place to directly display the integrated wall products. How to make all kinds of products placed on the counter shelves of terminal stores smoothly attract consumers' eyes and affect consumers' purchasing psychology has become the key to terminal sales

if integrated wall enterprises want to really win the favor of consumers, maximize market share, and constantly improve terminal service functions, they will bring great convenience to integrated wall users, promote consumers to change from "price led" consumption to "brand led" consumption, and lead the industry to a healthy and benign development track. Understanding the needs of consumers and meeting them is the most reliable way

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