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Low temperature controlled atmosphere storage and fresh-keeping technology of mushrooms

the controlled atmosphere storage and fresh-keeping technology of mushrooms is based on the biological characteristics of mushrooms that are prone to aging, browning and regrowth after harvest. 1. The technology is introduced as follows:

I. harvesting:

mushrooms should be harvested at the right time, generally when the fruiting body is fully grown and the volume increase is not obvious. If harvested too early, fruiting bodies are not fully grown, the quality of mushrooms is poor, and the yield is reduced; If the fruit is harvested too late, the fruiting bodies are more likely to age, open umbrellas and change color. When harvesting, it is necessary to handle, handle and pack with care to minimize mechanical damage. At the same time, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the harvesting tools and packaging containers

II. Pretreatment before storage:

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after the mushroom is harvested, cut off the mushroom handle. If the mushroom color turns yellow or brown, rinse it in 0.5% citric acid solution for 10min, remove it, drain the water drops, and then quickly pre cool the mushroom. Precooling of mushrooms is very important, because at higher temperatures, it will promote various physiological activities in mushrooms, accelerate nutrient consumption, water loss, post ripening aging, browning reaction, etc

III. controlled atmosphere storage at low temperature:

put the pre cooled mushrooms into storage bags made of 0.025m thick polyethylene plastic film. Each storage bag contains about 1kg of fresh mushrooms to undertake intellectual economy. After sealing the mouth, put the mushroom into the cold storage, reduce the temperature of the mushroom to 0 ℃ ~ 3 ℃ within 4 ~ 5h, and keep the relative humidity at 95% ~ 100%. When the concentration of O2 is 1% and the concentration of CO2 is 10% ~ 15%, the storage effect of mushrooms is good, and the mushroom body is white with few umbrellas. When the mushroom is just put into storage, the temperature is higher, generally above 10 ℃, and the respiration of Eagle mushroom is relatively vigorous. When the temperature drops to 0 ℃~ 3 ℃ which is suitable for mushroom storage, the respiration gradually weakens. After LD, the O2 concentration in the bag reaches about 1%, and the CO2 concentration is about 13%. At this time, prick a small hole on the bag with a fine needle to basically maintain the ratio of O2 and CO2 concentration. In the future management, humidification measures shall be taken for the cold storage to ensure that the relative humidity in the bag is above 95%


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