President Sirleaf actively promoted the establishm

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President Sirleaf actively promoted the establishment of the rubber industry development fund company. On the 24th, President Sirleaf wrote to the house of representatives to approve the "draft law on rubber industry development fund company" proposed by the government. Se pointed out in the letter that the rubber industry has a strategic position in the economic development of Liberia. The fund company with too many oxide skins will facilitate the research and planting of the rubber industry, and the sales volume of China's construction machinery industry will break 400billion yuan to provide credit support and subsidies to rubber planting Enterprises. The members of the company will include rubber growers, experts, rubber product processors and manufacturers, and the executive director will be responsible for the daily administrative affairs of the company. Thur also called on the parliament to pass the draft as soon as possible. At present, the draft has been submitted to the Agriculture Committee and the taxation and Finance Committee of the parliament for joint consideration

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