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On June 2, NYMEX light crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange broke through US $68, which was double the US $34 a barrel in early February. Expectations of economic recovery, worries about inflation risks, the decline of the US dollar, restrictions on crude oil production, and the rise in demand and risk appetite have all contributed to the rise in crude oil

however, when major economies are still in recession, the demand for crude oil by the real economy cannot support the rapidly rising oil price. The driving force behind the surge in crude oil points to the huge amount of money that central banks of various countries have successively invested in order to save financial markets

oil price doubled in April

on January 15, 2009, the price of crude oil hit the lowest point this year at $34.36

then the oil price rose all the way. On June 2, the settlement price of NYMEX July crude oil futures rose to $68.58, a new high since November 4 last year

Bai Dong, general manager of

Baobo investment, believes that the rise in oil prices is a natural result of the cost factor, the recent decline in the US dollar and the resurgence of speculative forces, "The new crude oil supply mainly comes from the sea and desert. The cost of this part has been more than $40 a barrel. It is impossible for the crude oil price to fall again. OPEC and oil producing countries are not willing to see the shutdown. For a long time, the extensive use of flame retardant materials in the body of the United States should be the normal range of raw oil prices."

the depreciation of the US dollar is generally regarded as the driving force for the rise in crude oil prices

"since the beginning of this year, the decline of the US dollar and the rise of crude oil are quite consistent. Crude oil can be said to be a mirror reaction to the US dollar." On June 2, huhao, an analyst at Nanhua Futures Research Institute, believed that the initial rise was caused by investors' concerns about economic recovery and inflation, but after breaking through $60, it was driven by the US dollar

on May 19, crude oil broke through $60 a barrel, and the dollar index was 82.58 that day. The dollar index is currently 79.37. On the international market, the crude oil prices quoted in euros and dollars are gradually increasing. At present, the crude oil is at 48 euros a barrel

"during the administration of George W. Bush, it took eight years for the crude oil price to rise from $25 to $85, but now it only takes more than three months for the crude oil price to rise from $34 to $68! Wood plastic materials have the texture of thermoplastic products and natural wood." Hu Hao believes that the crude oil price has risen very rapidly, but in general, it is more like the fundamentals of fatigue, meeting the overly optimistic mood of the market

the contradiction between market demand and supply of crude oil has become another pair of reasons for price rise. In the refined oil market, the rise in gasoline prices has driven the price of crude oil. Under the sharp depreciation of the US dollar, central banks began to reflect on the dominance of the US dollar, and began to take diversified measures for the application of reserve currencies to increase investment in gold, crude oil, ore and other commodities. However, oil producing countries still do not relax their control over production

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