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Luoyang float glass, one of the three largest float glass processes in the world, is the birthplace of Luoyang float glass, one of the three largest float glass processes in the world. With a national technology center, Luoyang Glass is the only large-scale glass manufacturing enterprise in China with a production capacity of 0.7 mm ~ 25 mm at the same time. Through continuous innovation, Lobo has gained advantages and experience in float glass and technologically processed glass. The company now has 9 modern float glass production lines, with an annual output of various colors and specifications. The old equipment before the inspection of electromechanical drivers uses more than 18 million weight boxes of DC servo electromechanical high-quality float glass. The company has a comprehensive glass deep processing base with the largest production capacity in central and Western China. Its products include vehicle safety glass, building safety glass, decorative glass and other series, with an annual comprehensive processing capacity of 10million square meters of high precision

Market: the agreement to acquire 50% equity of Longxin glass held by Lobo group (Lobo group is a limited company holding 35.8% equity of the company), with a transaction amount of 35000 yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sales of float glass and automotive glass products, which is the same as Longxin glass. The board of Directors believes that the acquisition of 50% equity of Longxin glass will enable the company to directly participate in the business of Longxin glass and make Lobo group abandon its rights and interests in Longxin glass, thus eliminating the horizontal competition between Lobo group and the company. In addition, Longxin glass has complete sets of equipment and production lines, which will enhance the competitive position of the group in the glass industry

value research and judgment: in the secondary market, after the sharp oversold in the early stage, the stock has significantly stabilized in the short term, which is expected to form a three bottom support. There is a continuous rebound opportunity in the medium term, and investors can pay close attention to it in the short term

Huaxun financial data research center calculates the support pressure through the weighted accumulation of large institutional systems. The short-term support level is 9 yuan and the pressure level is 10.6 yuan

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