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Luoyang Guluo

Luoyang Guluo Glass Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise selling ultra-thin electronic glass and other special glasses. The company has good procurement channels and its products cover all ultra-thin electronic glass brands at home and abroad

ultra thin electronic glass

the company's main products are 0 Mm ultra-thin electronic glass, 3.2mm ultra white solar calendered cloth glass, light at a certain speed will stretch the sample to a certain elongation or stretch to the specified load time electric glass (AR, ITO, AZO film solar glass, EMI shielding/ir filter glass, ar+ito high-permeability conductive glass), automotive glass (original), special glass, TCO glass, solar reflector, LED luminous glass, dimming glass, Low-E glass, Ag glass, Beyond the existence of these problems, China's plastic machinery industry can not meet the level of foreign plastic machinery as soon as possible, white glass, fireproof glass. The company has ultra-thin glass cutting and processing capacity, and can provide all kinds of customers with glass processing products of various specifications and sizes

our vision

continuous innovation, providing customers with better products and creating better value

service tenet

quality leadership, integrity-based, customer first

business philosophy

teamwork, scientific management, Innovative development

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address: No. 61 Binhe South Road, Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province

postal code: 471000

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want to make the materials of the spacecraft easy and low-cost preparation

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