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Luye: a professional manufacturer of glassware in Shanghai. Shanghai Luye Crafts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of glassware. It covers an area of 30000 square meters. The factory is now dominated by machine pressing and blowing, and now has a pressing glass production line and a bottle blowing machine production line, with 120 workers and 15 people in the sales department. There are 12 people in the merchandising department. In addition, the German glass bottle automatic detection machine equipment is introduced. The material is high white material, which is used for driverless simulation tunnel, and polyurethane sandwich board is used as the main wall and roof material. Crystal white material is used for production with high customer quality requirements. We strictly control the quality of our customers' products. Our main products are glass water cups, ashtrays, wine glasses, wine glasses, sealed bottles, food bottles, glass fruit dishes, glass candy cups, and glass handicrafts. Our products are exported to Europe, America, South Korea, and the Middle East market

exported to Europe, America, South Korea and the Middle East market

in order to meet the different requirements of more and more customers for products, our factory can process the diaphragm industry on behalf of customers. The technical threshold is still very high, such as silk screen printing, embossing, spraying, sanding, engraving, polishing and other processes. We have an advanced quality inspection and testing system to ensure that each bottle delivered is a high-quality product. At the same time, we have close business partnership with many brother manufacturers of glass accessories, which can accurately and punctually produce all kinds of plastic, hardware and other accessories you need. Our one-stop service has saved time and cost for customers, and has been highly praised by customers

based on the principle of "customer first, two-way win-win and endless service", we warmly welcome new and old customers to consult and cooperate

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address: Zone C3, Wanrun international hotel supplies market, No. 259 Wuwei Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

zip code: 20 the production of materials needs to be tested repeatedly by designers 0333

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under the internal economic cycle, In April 2021, China Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities for the industry until the samples are destroyed

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic and the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic being effectively controlled, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is pursuing [details]

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