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The high-profile Luoyang Bearing Research Institute

the high-profile Luoyang Bearing Research Institute has made the latest progress in its overall listing - on the 17th, it was learned from the relevant municipal departments that the reorganization of Luoyang axis Research Technology Co., Ltd. and the axis Research Institute was successfully approved by the merger and reorganization Review Committee of listed companies of the CSRC, marking that the overall listing of the axis Research Institute officially entered the substantive operation stage

it is reported that Luoyang axle Research Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise restructured and established on December 9, 2001 by Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, the only national first-class scientific research institution in the bearing industry in China that can ensure the supply of spare parts for a long time. Since then, axis Research Institute and axis research technology have become two relatively independent entities, with the original assets divided into two. On May 26th, 2005, axis research technology was listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange with the stock code of 002046

with the continuous development of business, this independent and related relationship is becoming more and more limited. In particular, the overlapping of institutions and low efficiency have seriously hindered the use of Yantai Huayin Rockwell hardness tester, and the healthy and rapid development of axis Research Institute and axis research technology. In order to solve this contradiction, the two sides put forward the strategic idea of restructuring and integration and realizing the overall listing of the assets of the original axis Research Institute

it is understood that after the reorganization, the assets, personnel, institutions, businesses and other relationships between axis Research Institute and axis research technology will be thoroughly straightened out, the public resources of both sides will be optimized, the operating efficiency will be significantly improved, and the long-term competitiveness and financing function will be effectively improved

according to the analysis of the insiders, the axle Research Institute has quite a brand effect among the international and domestic customers. The axle Research Institute is also required to undertake national projects through the axle Research Institute. Once the axle Research Institute is listed as a whole, the axle Research Institute can directly undertake national projects. At the same time, relying on the technical advantages of a public opinion survey conducted by Shandong accuracy radio and television station of axis Research Institute, axis research technology can also develop into businesses with good market prospects, such as wind turbine bearings and electric spindles, to create the brand of "Luoyang wind power"

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