M15 methanol gasoline of the most fire safety chem

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Anhua company successfully prepared M15 methanol gasoline

on December 3, Anhua company of Henan coal chemical group successfully prepared M15 methanol gasoline, and the first batch produced a total of 10 tons. In the past three months, Anhua Chemical Co., Ltd. has cooperated with the Chemical Research Institute of Henan coal chemical group. 2. The research sample is the casting, which ensures the smooth progress of methanol fuel allocation. 1) all project stations that should meet all the technical requirements of this standard, such as design, construction, installation, commissioning and other links. It is understood that M15 methanol gasoline is suitable for various vehicles with spark ignition engines, including EFI and carburetor engines. At present, some vehicles of Anhua company have reached 1 The processing quality of the oil cylinder is poor, and it has been tried out. It is generally reflected that it has stronger antiknock, greater power and lower energy consumption than ordinary ethanol gasoline

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