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On July 3, 2009, PP Market Overview everywhere

Shantou PP learned from relevant departments that the market reported a rise. The sharp drop in crude oil did not affect the market speculation. Today, the market quotation continued to rise, and the price rise of Sinopec South China branch also played a role in promoting the market rise. There are not many transactions in the market in the morning, and the sluggish demand is still the biggest difficulty facing the market

the quotation of PP market in Guangzhou rose slightly, and the mentality of merchants was bullish. The market was 13 When changing the loading of the experimental machine, it should be shipped safely, and the enthusiasm is not high. PP HIGH transactions are difficult, and the market demand for low-cost sources is acceptable, but some businesses are reluctant to sell. The market is supported by the ex factory price, but the price is strong, the mentality of merchants is improved, and the demand of downstream factories is general

driven by the bullish atmosphere and the strong influence of propylene price, the quotation of Shunde PP market rose slightly by about 100 yuan/ton, and the trading atmosphere was general. The market quotation continues to be strong, the enthusiasm of merchants for shipping is not high, and high-level transactions are difficult. Downstream factories have light inquiries and few transactions

the PP market in Quanzhou is mainly stable today. There is not much supply in the market, and the market is supported. Although crude oil fell yesterday, the price in Quanzhou is still strong today. However, the transaction situation is still difficult to be optimistic, and the demand continues to be depressed. Today's price: the quotation of T30S is about 9600 yuan/ton

Xiamen PP vertical clamping: single number display double number display full-automatic microcomputer controlled change horizontal clamping: double number display single number display full-automatic microcomputer controlled tension and compression disc single number display double number display full-automatic microcomputer controlled static characteristic test sorting load sorting height sorting composite sorting high frequency fatigue tension and compression fatigue low frequency fatigue mechanical electro-hydraulic servo change fatigue field quotation is stable. There is not much supply in the market. The sharp decline of crude oil has not caused a substantial negative impact on the market, and businesses are unwilling to ship at the base price. Today's price: Fujian wire drawing T30S is 9600 yuan/ton. You can't just see the delivery of bag materials. Other wire drawing is also about 9600 yuan/ton

the PP market price in Yuyao is still strong today. The collapse of crude oil had a certain impact on the market trading atmosphere, and the transaction was more light in the morning, but the quotation did not fall. The mentality of merchants is acceptable, and there is generally no intention to ship at the base price. The supply of copolymers in the market is scarce, and the transaction is acceptable

there are few supply sources in the PP market in Hangzhou. Affected by the rise of propylene monomer, the supply of low-cost goods decreases, and the overall market quotation rises, but the high-level transaction is not good. The mainstream quotation of domestic T30S is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of low-melt copolymerization is yuan/ton. The downstream demand is general

the trading atmosphere in the PP market around Dalian is general, the mentality of merchants is stable, and the short-term bullish mentality still exists. Latest offer: Dalian organic and Daqing T30S offer 9550 yuan/ton

there are not many supply sources in Nanjing PP market. The sharp drop in crude oil has little impact on the market, and the trading is general. Today's latest offer: Yangzi F401 has few supply sources, with a quotation of yuan/ton, and copoly K8003 has a quotation of yuan/ton

the drawing quotation in the PP market of Qilu Chemical City has increased, and the market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere. The downstream demand was cold today. The inquiry atmosphere was poor this morning, and there was room for a small deal. Traders' enthusiasm for shipping today is OK, and the supply volume is normal

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