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November 18, 2009 PP Market Overview

Shantou PE market quotation in the morning is basically the same as yesterday, and merchants are mainly looking for shipments. For the time being, the enthusiasm of market inquiry is general. At present, the mentality of merchants is slightly different. Petrochemical continues to raise prices, while the downstream is more resistant to high prices. At present, the actual transaction price has certain negotiation space

the PE market in Qingdao port had a good morning atmosphere, and the inquiry of downstream middlemen was OK. However, due to the small supply of licensed goods in Qingdao, merchants are reluctant to sell, and temporarily offer less. It is expected that Qingdao port will still report higher today. However, due to the large increase in price, the high price of equipment with a market travel of less than 500mm stopped the factory, and the firm offer transaction was not ideal

the price of PE market in Tianjin continued to rise in the morning, and the inquiry of downstream middlemen was more positive. At present, the merchants have accumulated 2. The second is to check the shipment of the amplifier unit of the universal tensile testing machine. The market trading atmosphere is active and the transaction is in good condition

the transaction in Yuyao PE market was slightly light, and the high-pressure and linear prices continued to rise, with a large increase, but it was mainly the reaction to the price adjustment of PetroChina and other companies. Although the low-pressure supply was small, the price was still relatively stable

the high price of PE market in Shanghai is difficult to deal with. The quotation of some imported materials returns to the actual transaction level of yesterday. The shipment is obviously not as good as yesterday, and the supply of high-voltage and low-voltage goods is slightly less. Although the price of low-pressure membrane is still high, it also fell slightly

the merchants in Nanjing PP market had a stable mentality in the morning, and the quotation was relatively firm. The downstream has limited ability to accept the current market price, and is still wait-and-see, with weak transaction intention. At present, the market supply is general, and the trading atmosphere in the morning market is slightly light. Reference quotation: Yangzi F401 is 10400 yuan/ton, and copolymerization resources are out of stock

the PP market in Guangzhou was on the high side yesterday, making it difficult to conclude a deal. Today's price is slightly loose. The overall mentality is still optimistic, the enthusiasm of merchants to ship is general, the inquiry atmosphere in the morning is good, and there are not many transactions. The overall supply of goods in the market is general, and the demand enthusiasm of downstream factories is acceptable

due to the difficulty of high price transaction in Shunde PP market, the overall quotation is slightly adjusted within 100 yuan/ton according to different demand conditions. The recent rising posture of petrochemicals supports market confidence, and most people in the market continue to maintain an optimistic attitude. The market supply is acceptable, and the downstream demand enthusiasm is general

the current price of PP market in Xi'an is mainly stable. The recent rainy and snowy weather has had a great impact on transportation, and the market resources have been reduced compared with the previous period. The market mentality is cautious and optimistic, thinking that the consolidation market may come after the rapid rise. In terms of current price: Lanhua/Yan'an T30S is 9800 yuan/ton, Dushanzi EPS30R is 11000 yuan/ton

Jointly promote the acquisition and implementation of energy storage projects

businesses in the PP market around Dalian have a stable mentality, firm quotations and few transactions. Yesterday, the closing price of crude oil rose slightly, continuing to support the market mentality. At present, there are few sources of goods in the market, and some businesses are reluctant to sell, so they will not quote or overstate for the time being. Reference quotation: Daqing and Dalian organic T30S offer 10100 yuan/ton, and copolymerization resources are out of stock

the merchants in Linyi PP market have a stable mentality and firm quotations. The recent rising market has brought a certain degree of heat to the market. The inquiry atmosphere in the morning has improved, but there are not many transactions. Yesterday, the closing price of crude oil rose slightly, continuing to support the market mentality. The downstream has limited intention to accept the current market price, strong wait-and-see mood, and there are few overall resources in the market. Qingdao T30S does not include tax declaration of 9450/ton, and Zhongyuan T30S does not include tax declaration of 9500 yuan/ton. The firm offer is negotiable

businessmen in Beijing's PP market have different mentality, and their quotations are chaotic, and some quotations continue to rise. Some merchants have increased their enthusiasm for shipping, the inquiry atmosphere is acceptable, there are not many transactions, and downstream manufacturers are in conflict with high price sources

the quotation of PP market in Xiamen continued to rise at the meeting. Crude oil continued to rise, the mentality continued to improve, and the enthusiasm for speculation remained unabated. The market mentality is optimistic, and the middleman operation is slightly active. Fujian T30S is 10200 yuan/ton, 1080k is 10200 yuan/ton, and Hainan v30g is 10300 yuan/ton

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