Overview of PP markets around the country on May 1

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On May 12, PP Market Overview everywhere

the price of PP market in Shanghai continued to rise slightly, the supply of goods was small, and the merchants' mentality was stable and continued to be bullish; The local CNPC wire drawing quotation is about 13700 yuan/ton, and the EPS30R quotation is about 14250 yuan/ton. The quotation of Shanghai Petrochemical m180r is about yuan/ton

the PP market around the Central Plains was mainly stable in early trading today. With the continuous rise of prices, the output of middlemen increased slightly. Merchants are also cautious about high-priced new materials. Due to the rapid price rise, some people are worried about the phenomenon of high-level decline. At present, the quotation of local Zhongyuan wire drawing T30S with ticket is about 13600 yuan/ton; The quotation excluding tax is about 13000 yuan/ton

Guangzhou PP market continued to rise by yuan/ton, Maoming n-t30s reported to 13800 yuan/ton, and Dalian and Hainan T30S reported to 13750 yuan/ton. Note in terms of plastics, Daqing v30g offers 13600 yuan/ton, with a wide range of experiments. Maoming n-z30s and Lanhua Z30S both offer 13600 yuan/ton. In terms of copolymers, Maoming EPC30R-H offers 13950 yuan/ton. The overall resources of merchants are not much

Nanjing PP market has few resources of wire drawing materials, the supply of copolymers is acceptable, the market continues to rise, and the trading is good; It is reported that the quotation of local Yangzi F401 is about yuan/ton; The transaction of copolymers is good, and the mainstream price of K8003 and j340 is about yuan/ton

the PP market in Hangzhou continues to rise, and the quotations of some traders continue to rise. It is reported that at present, the production load of Shaoxing Sanyuan device is low, and Zhenhai is converting to film materials, so the market supply is tight, and traders are reluctant to sell; The local T30S quotation is about yuan/ton; StarTech has developed a fatigue testing machine specifically for these phenomena. Due to the shortage of resources, Yangzi K8003 has few resources, which is reported at about 14300 yuan/ton, and Yanshan k8303 is reported at about 14600 yuan/ton, which is basically out of stock

the atmosphere of Shunde PP market is stable today, with prices rising slightly, and the mainstream of inner and outer two-color aluminum alloy doors and windows has not changed significantly. The quotation of n-t30s is yuan/ton, that of EPC30R-H is 13150 yuan/ton, that of EPS30R is 13200 yuan/ton, and that of j641 is 13150 yuan/ton. Merchants have few resources and are still reluctant to sell. Maoming nt30s offers 13100 yuan/ton without ticket

in the PP market around Yanshan, the mainstream quotation in early trading was stable, and some still rose slightly. Middlemen said that at present, they have few resources, are optimistic about the future market, and are not in a hurry to sell. It is rumored that Sinopec Beijing company will still raise prices in the later stage. At present, the local Yanshan wire drawing S1003 is basically out of stock. It is said that there is a quotation of 14000 yuan/ton, and the quotation of PetroChina T30S is 3700 yuan/ton. For special materials, k8303 offers about 14500 yuan/ton. Transparent b4808 is quoted at 140 and has complete protection functions such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, abnormal stop, DSP fault, CPU fault, etc. 00 yuan/ton

there are not many resources in the PP market in Xiamen. Driven by the rising prices of Fulian and PetroChina, the prices of merchants continue to rise. Fulian T30S, PetroChina and Hainan T30S are basically quoted at 13700 yuan/ton, individual merchants quote at 13800 yuan/ton, and Daqing v30g quotes at 13700 yuan/ton, Merchants continue to be reluctant to sell

the PP market in Tianjin is dominated by high and stable prices today, with a slight increase of 50 yuan/ton of copolymer. It is said that the recent release of PetroChina has increased slightly, the downstream purchase volume of the market is small, the transaction is limited, and the price is temporarily stable. The quotation of T30S is about 13600 yuan/ton. The quotation of Daqing EPS30R is about 14150 yuan/ton. The surrounding downstream factories have stopped and reduced production, but businesses said that the driving force of cost on price is greater than the resistance of weak demand

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