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On July 8, PP Market Overview everywhere

the decline in the PP market in Shanghai continued, most of the market prices showed an upside down phenomenon, and the transaction situation was not optimistic; At present, the mainstream quotation of CNPC T30S is yuan/ton, and that of SECCO S1003 is yuan/ton; The resources of copolymer EPS30R are scarce, and the quotation is not much. Shanghai Petrochemical m180r is quoted at yuan/ton

the PP market in Guangzhou continued to decline today. At present, Maoming n-t30s reported 16100 yuan/ton, Dalian T30S reported 16100 yuan/ton, and Daqing and Hainan T30S reported 16050 yuan/ton. Note in terms of plastics, Guangzhou s700 reported 16300 yuan/ton, Hainan v30g reported 16250 yuan/ton, and Daqing v30g reported 16300 yuan/ton. In terms of copolymers, prices fell slightly, with Guangzhou j641 reporting 15700 yuan/ton, Maoming EPC30R-H reporting 16100 yuan/ton, and Maoming EPS30R reporting 15900 yuan/ton. The transaction was flat, and the merchants remained on the sidelines

the PP market in Hangzhou continues to decline, with prices upside down. Today, some T30S mainstream quotations are at yuan/ton, and the overall transaction is weak; The mainstream price of copolymer market is about yuan/ton, and the transaction is not smooth. The market atmosphere is short, and most people are bearish about the future market

the PP market price in Xiamen is basically stable, and the downstream demand remains light, but there are not many middlemen resources, and the mainstream also remains on the sidelines, with trading deadlocked. At present, Fulian, PetroChina and Hainan T30S are basically reported at 16300 yuan/ton

the current price of PP market in Shantou continues to fall, and the current futures trend is bleak, which seriously affects the mentality of merchants in the spot market. Hainan, according to the newly implemented premium statistical caliber, Dalian T30S will be delivered without tickets to 15450 yuan/ton; There are few injection molding goods. Due to the confusion of futures prices, Hainan v30g reported no ticket at 15580 yuan/ton, and the spot market is also quite confused. Hainan v30g reported no ticket at about 15650 yuan/ton

the pre lubrication atmosphere of PP market in Linyi area is very poor, the downstream demand is poor, the middlemen are unwilling to feed, and the market basically has no transaction. Although the merchants have little inventory and maintain a stable quotation, it is of little significance. At present, the local T30S is reported at 15400 yuan/ton without tickets, and RMB/ton with tickets

the PP market in Nanjing is generally upside down. Due to the current high Petrochemical inventory and the rumors of price reduction in the market, traders are pessimistic and ship at a low price; While downstream factories receive goods passively, middlemen mainly wait-and-see, and the overall transaction is limited; At present, the mainstream price of some F401 is about 16000 yuan/ton; Copolymer j340 is reported at about 15900 yuan/ton, and K8003 is reported at about 16000 yuan/ton

the PP market in Tianjin has a poor transaction. It is rumored that Sinopec has great inventory pressure and may continue to reduce prices in the later stage, which is a great blow to the market. At present, the mainstream quotation of local T30S is 16050 yuan/ton, and it is said that the quotation of medium oil is 15950 yuan/ton, and the quotation of EPS30R is also 16100 yuan/ton

the market price of Shunde PP has not changed much, but the atmosphere is still declining. At present, the delivery price of Maoming wire drawing including tax is 16150 yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of local middlemen without tickets is 15400 yuan/ton. Maoming injection plastic has new goods, and the 160 quotation is 16200 yuan/ton. The overall transaction is light, and the middlemen basically do not stock, so the operation is cautious. Today, the quotation of Maoming n-t30s is 15400 yuan/ton

the PP market at the hr45n side of Yanshan Zhou is still plagued by transportation problems. Due to the restrictions on the passage of trucks in Beijing, freight rates have risen recently. Middlemen said it was difficult to achieve a deal and were generally unwilling to feed. Today, the mainstream quotation is stable. An expert from Beijing environmental sanitation monitoring station said that the main price, some of which fell slightly by 50 yuan/ton. The quotation of CNPC T30S is about 16000 yuan/ton. In terms of special materials, Yanshan 4220 was short, k7726 fell to 16350 yuan/ton, and k8303 reported to yuan/ton

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