TPU resin is actively seized in the hottest Taichu

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Taichung has actively seized the TPU market of more than 40000 tons of TPU resin on both sides of the Taiwan Strait every year, which has become the main target of large resin plants in Central Taiwan. Among them, Taiwan Youde, Nisheng chemical, etc. have invested to expand the production capacity of Taiwan plants respectively this year, hoping to improve the market share of TPU on both sides of the Taiwan Strait; In addition, Gaoding, Sanhuang and other chemical plants have listed the mainland market as their main targets. Among them, Gaoding Kunshan plant will be put into operation in the third quarter, with a production capacity of more than 6000 tons/year. Sanhuang Guangdong plant is also actively preparing, and the mainland TPU market seems to become the main battlefield for Taiwan businessmen

although the annual demand of the mainland TPU resin market is growing steadily, on the other hand, the impact of irregular samples on sensors can be eliminated well. The technical threshold for TPU investment is too high, and the mainland TPU plants are not a climate. At present, the major TPU plants in the mainland are all invested by Taiwan businessmen, especially the TPU plants invested by Taiwan Youde and Shimei in the mainland

because of the huge business opportunities in the mainland TPU resin market and the small number of competitive plants, Gaoding chemical, located in Taichung Industrial Zone, has entered the mainland to prepare for the establishment of a TPU resin plant in the second half of last year, and Sanhuang is expected to become the fourth Taiwanese businessman to prepare for the establishment of a TPU plant in the mainland

general manager Sanhuang pointed out that since this year, European and American countries have banned the sale of PVC resin materials. For example, TPU resin with the concept of environmental protection has been changed in shoe trimmings, air cushions, and even soles. In addition, wire and electricity have maintained a good trend in exports, and the amount of TPU resin used in cables and air compression pipes is quite large. The mainland TPU market is growing at a rate of% every year, and there is a trend to gradually replace PVC resin. In order to seize business opportunities in the mainland resin market, Sanhuang has decided to go to Guangdong Province to prepare for the establishment of a resin processing plant, of which the TPU capacity is nearly 10000 tons/year, which can be supplied to downstream plants nearby. Although the larger the machine is, the more expensive the price is

Gaoding chemical pointed out that due to the growing demand for TPU resin in the mainland footwear industry year by year, and the fact that downstream manufacturers of the resin factory have set up factories in the mainland, Gaoding has entered Kunshan to prepare for the establishment of a TPU resin factory in order to supply customers nearby, with a total investment of more than $2million and an initial production capacity of more than 6000 tons/year. It can be put into production in the third quarter of this year, mainly to rush into the domestic market in the mainland. In order to separate from the existing market, it will focus on medium and high price products. At present, the production capacity of Taiwan plant is more than 10000 tons/year, which is second only to Taiwan Youde

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