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On June 11, 2009, PP Market Overview everywhere

today, the quotation of Taizhou PP market rose slightly, and there were few transactions. The rise of crude oil slightly promoted the market. Dalian organic T30S offered 9700 yuan/ton, Formosa Plastics injection molding 9550 yuan/ton, and Jinan refinery Z30S offered 9700 yuan/ton. The downstream operating rate is insufficient, the market demand intention is weak, the price rises slowly, and the wait-and-see mentality is strong

Shantou PP market has a small supply of goods today. Petrochemicals has a small volume of contract customers recently, and most businesses are reluctant to sell, which continues to be bullish for the future market. PetroChina T30S reported 9150 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan. Shell 500N reported 9150 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan

Yuyao PP market quotation rose slightly. Crude oil continued to rise sharply, driving the market atmosphere, and the overall market resources were insufficient, and the quotation was supported. However, the transaction atmosphere is weak, and the transaction of high price sources is poor. Zhenhai Refining and chemical reported 9800 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan

Guangzhou P test piece can be molded or cut and polished by products. The overall quotation of P market has increased slightly, but the demand recovery is not obvious, and the transaction is general. The mentality of merchants has slightly improved, and their enthusiasm for shipping is not high. They are still confused about the future trend, and some merchants are closed and wait-and-see. The demand of downstream factories is light, and the purchase is cautious

most of the quotations in Shunde PP market rose slightly today, and the market mentality warmed up, but the rising resistance was large, the enthusiasm for shipment was general, and the downstream factories had light inquiries and few transactions. Dalian T30S tax free declaration was 9150 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan

the PP market quotation in Xiamen is stable. Crude oil continued to rise and the market offer was firm. Trade gives full play to the role of foreign capital in the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries, and the business confusion still exists. In view of the sluggish demand, we dare not be blindly optimistic about the future market. The mainstream quotation of wire drawing T30S is about 9600 yuan/ton

the price of PP market around the Central Plains rose. The sharp rise in oil prices has significantly driven the market atmosphere. In addition, there is not much supply in the market, and the price is slightly firm. Today, there are rumors that Sinopec's price rise has also pushed up the offer. However, the transaction situation has not improved, and the high price supply is difficult to be accepted by the buyer. Zhongyuan Petrochemical T30S is 9100 yuan/ton excluding tax and 9550 yuan/ton including tax

there are not many sources of goods in the PP market in Hangzhou. Due to the rise of crude oil, the quotation of PP wire drawing is affected. Zcw-w300kn electronic universal testing machine (zcwe-w300kn hydraulic universal testing machine) is selected for the chain tension test of scooters. The range is higher, but the transaction link is still weak, and the enthusiasm of market shipment is acceptable. The mainstream quotation of domestic T30S is RMB/ton, and the mainstream quotation of low melting copolymerization is RMB 10700/ton, and the downstream demand is weak

Beijing PP@2 . the market quotation for 30 seconds after power on is tentatively high. The market mentality remains cautious and optimistic, and the market inquiry atmosphere is general. Merchants continue to actively ship, with few transactions, and downstream manufacturers are generally enthusiastic about purchasing. T30S quoted 9600 yuan/ton

the overall supply of goods in Linyi PP market is small, the enthusiasm of middlemen to purchase goods has declined, the downstream demand remains to buy with use, and the transaction atmosphere is general. Qingdao T30S tax exclusive quotation is 9050 yuan/ton, and Zhongyuan/CNPC T30S tax exclusive quotation is 9150 yuan/ton

there is little change in the PP market quotation in Tianjin. Merchants ship actively, the inquiry atmosphere is cold, and there are few transactions. The mentality of middlemen is poor, and the demand of downstream manufacturers is low. Qingdao T30S offers 9600 yuan/ton

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