Overview of PP markets around the country on May 2

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On May 27, PP Market Overview in various places

the atmosphere in Xiamen PP market today is stable, with high and stable quotations from merchants, and some of them have increased slightly. The mainstream T30S prices in Fujian Refining, Hainan and Dalian are RMB/ton. There are fewer resources of other varieties in the market. 2) the physical meaning of quality wear is that the change of sample quality before and after wear test is supported by upstream costs and the rise in prices of petrochemical enterprises. The mentality of merchants is stable, but some of them are worried about high prices

today, petrochemicals raised prices again, and the trading atmosphere in Nanjing PP market was warm, but the resources of wire drawing materials were tight, traders were reluctant to sell, and some merchants closed their markets. It is reported that some F401 mainstream reported to about 14600 yuan/ton; The market price of copolymerization has also increased slightly. There are few resources of copolymer K8003, and the mainstream quotation is about yuan/ton. J340 is about 141. The definition of extensometer is that the extensometer is the sensor that senses the deformation of the test piece, about yuan/ton

Zhongyuan ethylene PP plant is scheduled to start a one month overhaul on the 31st, and currently the surrounding PP resources are limited. Today, the price rise of PP of Sinopec Beijing company also has a driving effect on the market. The market price around the Central Plains increased slightly by 100 yuan/ton. At present, the local T30S quotation is about 14150 yuan/ton, and the price without ticket is yuan/ton

the PP market in Linyi area is slightly reluctant to sell its resources due to the impact of petrochemical price hikes and the upcoming overhaul of Zhongyuan ethylene. In this morning's trading, it also has advantages that other ports can't compare. The intelligence is high yuan/ton. However, the downstream is numb to the price rise and unwilling to accept it, so the market transaction stagnates. At present, the local T30S has no ticket report to 13500 yuan/ton. The overall resources are not much

Shunde PP market rose too sharply yesterday, and today the atmosphere stabilized, and the ultra-high false price fell. The news of petrochemical price rise supported the mentality of merchants. At present, it is mainly wait-and-see, and there is no rush to ship. Maoming nt30s ticket free mainstream reported 14100 yuan/ton. The quotation of injection molding and copolymerization is basically stable. The quotation of Z30S is 13750 yuan/ton, the quotation of EPC30R-H is 13900 yuan/ton, the quotation of ept30r is yuan/ton, and the quotation of j641 is 13800 yuan/ton. It is expected that the short-term market will be dominated by flat adjustment

Sinopec Beijing PP raised its price today. Affected by this, the PP market around Yanshan was slightly confused. On the one hand, downstream enterprises are heavily resistant to high prices, and businesses dare not stock up in large quantities. On the other hand, driven by cost pressure, petrochemical prices rose rapidly. The overall trading volume of the market is very small. At present, the local Yanshan wire drawing S1003 is basically out of stock, and the CNPC T30S has been reported to yuan/ton. For special materials, k8303 is reported as high as about 14600 yuan/ton, 4220 resources are few, k7726 is reported as 14650 yuan/ton, b8101 is reported as 14800 yuan/ton, and b4808 is reported as 14700 yuan/ton. CNPC EPS30R quoted 14300 yuan/ton, PA14D quoted 14100 yuan/ton as the basic ingredient for improving skin care, and v30g quoted 14200 yuan/ton

the PP powder plant of Jinzhou refinery was shut down for maintenance on the 10th, and it is expected to take 20 days. The quotation of 045 and 075 in the early stage is 13300 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer has no goods to supply

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