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On June 25th, 2009, PP Market Overview around the country

Guangzhou PP Market Report China's steel structure market is still in slow development, the price trend is stabilizing, and the price of polymer injection plastics has declined slightly. The sluggish demand makes the merchants' mentality bearish, the shipment is positive, and the bargaining space of the transaction price has increased. The market mentality is pessimistic, and the phenomenon of merchants selling goods at low prices has increased. Downstream factories have light demand and weak purchase intention

there are not many sources of goods in the PP market in Hangzhou, the trading atmosphere is cold, the decline of the market supported by costs slows down, the quotation stabilizes, and merchants ship actively. Some merchants' quotations are on the high side, but high-level transactions are difficult, and the actual transaction price can be negotiated. The mainstream quotation of domestic T30S is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of low-melt copolymerization is yuan/ton, with little downstream demand

the PP market around the Central Plains has not changed much, and it is mainly stable as a whole. There is not much supply in the market, and the offer is supported to a certain extent, making it difficult to decline. In the morning, the transaction situation was bleak, and most of the downstream were waiting and watching. In terms of quotation: the price of Zhongyuan Petrochemical T30S including tax is about yuan/ton, and the price excluding tax is about yuan/ton, which is for reference only

the PP market quotation of Qilu Chemical City has weakened, the enthusiasm for shipping has increased, and the transaction price is still negotiable. There is a strong bearish atmosphere in the market, the mentality of merchants is poor, and there is little downstream demand

the PP market in Shantou is stable today. In the morning, the completion and operation of the project were not many, and the merchants' mentality was poor. Fujian United T30S has no tax return of 9000 yuan/ton. Maoming EPS30R tax free declaration 9700 yuan/ton

the PP market in Xi'an is more stable today. With sluggish demand and difficult delivery, the market fell into a dilemma. The price of Yan'an T30S is about 9250 yuan/ton, and Dushanzi EPS30R is out of stock

Shunde PP market is generally stable today, with some quotations declining slightly, and the trading atmosphere is light. Merchants' shipments are positive, and the market mentality continues to be pessimistic. Most market participants expect that they will still face downward pressure in the future. Downstream factories have light inquiries and few transactions

the quotation of PP market in Xiamen is stable, and the low-cost shipments of merchants have decreased, but the overall mentality is difficult to improve. The transaction situation in the morning was bleak, and the pressure on merchants to ship goods still existed. Today's price: Fujian wire drawing T30S is about 9450 yuan/ton, and other wire drawing is also maintained at the price of yuan/ton

Changzhou PP market fell as a whole, Sinopec East China branch was listed for sale, the market bearish mentality increased, the demand was weak, and the price fell. CNPC T30S reported 9500 yuan/ton, Yangzi F401 was scarce, and reported 10. The average load force of fatigue test was 200 yuan/ton, and Yangzi j340 and K8003 reported 10600 yuan/ton

the current price of PP in Shanghai is generally stable. Near the end of the month, the low price selling decreased, and the offer did not continue to decline, but the mentality is still pessimistic

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