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On June 19, 2009, PP Market Overview around the country

the quotation of PP market around the Central Plains remained stable. The market supply is scarce, and it is difficult to decline the quotation, but the downstream demand is sluggish, the transaction situation is bleak, and the transaction of high price supply is difficult. Quotation: Zhongyuan Petrochemical T30S is about 9000 yuan/ton, excluding tax, for reference only

the PP market quotation in Linyi is basically stable, and the market popularity is insufficient during the busy agricultural season, and the transaction is general. In terms of quotation: Qingdao T30S tax excluded quotation is about 9050 yuan/ton, and Zhongyuan/CNPC T30S tax excluded quotation is 9150 yuan/ton

the PP market quotation of Qilu Chemical City partially fell, and the enthusiasm for shipment increased. The demand is less, and the business mentality is mainly wait-and-see. There is room to talk about the market transaction price, but there is little room to talk about, and the downstream demand is poor

there are few sources of goods in the PP market in Hangzhou. Wu Guanghui, deputy general manager of COMAC, continued to have a strong market quotation and the merchants' enthusiasm for shipping was general. The trading atmosphere is low, and it is difficult to make high-level transactions. The actual transaction price is negotiable. The mainstream quotation of domestic T30S is RMB/ton, and the mainstream quotation of low melt copolymerization is RMB 10750/ton, with little downstream demand

the price of PP market in Xi'an is slightly lower today. The demand was depressed and the quotation fell slightly. However, due to the small supply of goods in the market, it has a certain support for the market. The price of Yan'an T30S is about 9400 yuan/ton, and that of Dushanzi EPS30R is 10800 yuan/ton, so the transaction is poor

the PP market quotation in Beijing is mainly stable today, and some are slightly weak. Due to the factory price reduction of Yanshan Petrochemical b8101/b4101, the current market quotation has declined. The slight rebound of crude oil supported the market except for the high modulus of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic. Today, the market has a high enthusiasm for shipping, the market inquiry atmosphere is weak, and the trading volume is small. The resolution of the machine is 1/120000 in the relative full range, Downstream manufacturers mainly continue to wait and see

the quotation of PP market in Xiamen is strong. Crude oil rose slightly and the quotation was firm, but it was difficult to conclude a deal at a high price. Downstream demand is still sluggish, and merchants continue to ship mainly. The drawing T30S is about yuan/ton

there was a lot of hype in the PP market in Shantou today. Some merchants received low-cost sources and were ready to ship at the weekend. The market delivered containers at yuan/ton, and the spot price was yuan/ton. The atmosphere of other varieties was quiet and there were few transactions

the quotation of Guangzhou PP market is mainly stable, the demand is light, some quotations fall slightly, and the enthusiasm of merchants to ship is general. Some businesses are slightly pessimistic, lack confidence in the future market, and some businesses still remain closed and wait-and-see. The demand of downstream factories is light, and the purchase is cautious

the overall situation of Shunde PP market today remained stable, some quotations fell slightly, and the trading atmosphere was cold. The enthusiasm of market shipment is general, and the market mentality is mainly wait-and-see. Merchants expect the aftermarket to be weak and tidy up. Downstream factory inquiry t= (p/f) *sin A is light, and there are not many transactions

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