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Self heated beverage containers are available

according to the inventor of self heated beverages of ontech Delaware company in San Diego, USA, this highly isolated container with stable shelf life can be used to hold 10 ounces of coffee, tea, cocoa, soup and alcoholic beverages. This container contains calcium oxide and water. The natural chemical reaction between them can heat the product to 145 degrees Fahrenheit in 6 to 8 minutes and last for 30 minutes. This portable container consists of three parts: a blow molded plastic cup, a plastic cone and an injection molded plastic catalytic ball. Sonoco provides almost all components. In this process, the number of experiments of the product is synchronously displayed and recorded. The cone in the layer is used to contain calcium oxide, and the container in the outer layer is used to contain beverages. The plastic ball is filled with water and embedded into the cone, and its tail end is a T-E metal seal. This self heating container is processed by lakeside food company. Consumers only need to open the T-E seal at the bottom of the tank and press the open key to activate the short process of heating and energy transfer from the outside to a layout system. The foam logo affixed to the outside of the container is printed in six colors. Ontech said, "people want to touch it when they see it."

source: industry packaging solutions

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