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Self denial and the government

it is reported that in December 2003, an enterprise in Zhejiang was preparing to invest more than 1 billion yuan to build a large cement plant in Beibei District, Chongqing. This is undoubtedly a dream development opportunity for a western district and county with insufficient financial resources, and it is also a "political achievement" that some cadres can't get. Rather than tailor-made according to the unique body structure of each patient, after the evaluation of the expert panel and the environmental protection department, this project has good economic benefits and can also drive the growth of GDP, but it has a great impact on the ecological environment. Finally, the project was rejected by Beibei District. In the past five years, Beibei District has refused to sign projects that pollute the environment for nearly 6billion yuan in attracting investment

the author applauds Beibei District of Chongqing for its courage to "self deny". Under the situation that some places are almost "hungry for attracting investment", and in a dry and hot development atmosphere, Beibei District is still able to hold the rationality and courage of "refusing visa for nearly 6billion yuan in five years", which is even more precious. The author believes that this is the progress and sublimation of the development concept, the self homing of the government, and also the "character" and "temperament" that a type (Wu Yongsheng) government should have

in an era of homogeneous competition, in an era of "big investment promotion" in which "everyone is drunk", the leaders in Beibei District do not stick to the rules, and do not drift with the tide in this homogeneous competition, reflecting a kind of extraordinary courage of "self denial". The "self denial" of the backward or outdated concept of development not only shows the courage and courage of the government to self deny and Sublate, but also reflects the value recognition of the "scientific concept of development"

this kind of "self denial" and "learning from pain" is also the respect and awe for public opinion, and has even formed a benign interaction between people's ecological consciousness and government behavior to some extent. It is reported that Beibei residents' consensus of "not developing the economy at the expense of environmental protection" is a strong backing for the government to refuse to sign pollution projects. The interaction between government administrative behavior and public opinion has formed a joint force to protect resources and the environment. No one dares to "make arbitrary decisions" on development projects, and engage in things that damage the ecology and infringe on public interests. It is reported that Beibei District is known as the "back garden of Chongqing" for its good ecological environment, and has won many honors, such as "China's best living environment example award", "international Dubai good example award for improving living environment", "national experimental area for sustainable development", and so on

however, another proposition can be deduced naturally from the "five-year visa refusal of nearly 6billion yuan", that is, who will eventually "spend" the "project" of nearly 6billion yuan? Although Beibei District refused to sign, this 6billion yuan is not worried about finding a home, and it may even become a "sweet cake" in other places. The author believes that in an era of homogeneous competition and in the misunderstanding of "only GDP is supreme", this "independent awakening" in Beibei District is obviously a little "curved liquid crystal display completely meets the same experimental high and low". Therefore, this extraordinary courage of "self denial" and government character are still a kind of rare goods and resources at present, which means that sex has not become a common "government character"

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