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SEIA awarded Napoleon and its mayor the title of "American Solar champions"

on December 18, 2012, the American Solar Industry Association (SEIA) announced that Napoleon, Ohio and its mayor Ronald Behm were American Solar champions

SEIA said that Napoleon has a population of less than 10000 people, and there should be no slippage. Yong also believes that this is an opportunity. There are two large-scale solar energy installation systems, and the solar energy manufacturing equipment is growing. The city is the center of solar energy in Ohio and actively creates jobs

Tom kimbis, vice president of SEIA's foreign affairs department, said, "solar energy is working for Ohio. Today, we visited a solar panel installation plant and a megawatt other level solar farm representing Napoleon city. Now, we are in an advanced panel manufacturing plant."

kimbis added: "these facilities are concentrated within a few miles, representing the breadth and development potential of the solar energy industry in Ohio. We are very proud to announce that Napoleon city is not their traditional advantage area and that mayor Ronald Behm is the champion of American solar energy."

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