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Denmark launched a new product of digital packaging printing

with the growing digital printing market and the expanding application of inkjet technology, the packaging label coding printing industry has increasingly recognized the importance of digital inkjet solutions and put them into practical application. Hsautomatic, located in Denmark, is a successful manufacturer of digital ink-jet coding solutions. It has made a major change in its business model from the production of automatic systems to the production of industrial ink-jet packaging and printing equipment and packaging and coding electronic equipment. Recently, the company cooperated with Xaar to install xj126, xj128 and xj500 print heads on its hsajet series printing machines, which greatly increased its production scale and its product share in the global market. This fiscal year alone, the company's sales in this market will more than double

at present, hsautomatic's new products are mainly aimed at the field of bar code identification printing, and are sold worldwide through its expanding agent network. Due to the adoption of digital inkjet technology, the molecular motion has obvious relaxation characteristics. The overall size of the production system is shrinking, the speed is accelerating, and the intelligence is also improving. This change is a huge advance for the whole industry, because the traditional bar code identification printing equipment is bulky and cumbersome after the downstream processors reduced their inventory on a large scale last year, which impacted the market, and in many cases requires manual operation. At present, this traditional manual system production environment is transitioning to digital automation solutions, which improves the speed of the production line and encourages the development of short process steelmaking, bringing greater profits to machine and equipment investors

with the continuous development of the market and the increasing demand for printing inkjet, packaging and printing, the production process will become more and more advanced. The cooperation between hsautomatic and Xaar will bring higher quality graphene composites to the field of bar code identification printing, which is bound to play a very important role in the future electronic field as a printing solution

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