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How about the production reduction and shutdown of lead smelters in Henan

recently, this is the upgrading period of the material testing machine. According to the 2016 "report on the development status and trends of green packaging in China's express delivery industry", the environmental protection self-examination action in the province is shown. The action inspection time is from July 5 to 10, and the summary and sorting will be carried out after July 11. " SMM conducted Market Research on this environmental protection inspection action. In many cases, the research involved 4 large-scale reduced lead refineries, 10 small-scale reduced lead refineries and 5 primary lead refineries

the survey results show that the large reduction lead refinery has been less affected in this environmental protection inspection, and the production is basically normal; Primary lead refineries have reduced or stopped production to varying degrees, and the scale of production reduction of some refineries has reached one third of the output; The small "three noes" reduction lead refinery is almost completely closed, and the resumption date is expected to be late this month

however, SMM also learned that at present, most small "three noes" reduction lead plants in China basically adopt the mode of guerrilla warfare. Although Shangqiu, Kaifeng, Xuchang and other places have been impacted by environmental protection inspections and squeezed by the market of large refineries recently, the living space of small "three noes" reduction lead refineries is getting smaller and smaller, and the number of manufacturers has been significantly reduced compared with before, but if the wind of environmental protection gradually subsides in the later stage, Small factories may revive rapidly, and SMM will continue to track and report the follow-up progress of environmental protection

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