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Hollysys is listed in China's first CPS case collection "typical application case collection of information physical system (CPS)"

recently, typical application case collection of information physical system (CPS) was officially published. This book is jointly published by China Institute of electronic technology standardization and excellent manufacturing enterprises and solution providers at home and abroad. Hollysys' CPS application of model-based digital twin operation platform was successfully selected

with CPS application as the theme, this book shows the typical application exploration based on CPS core technology through 28 typical cases, and systematically shows the wonderful place of pressure testing machine from three aspects: theoretical research, solution cultivation, and manufacturing user practice. Here is the current development status and effect of CPS in China, realizing the breakthrough of CPS from theory to practice, and solving the difficulties of CPS landing application

the interconnection of everything in the factory is becoming a reality step by step. Based on the modeling idea, the digital twin mapping in the virtual world is established for all kinds of entities in the production and manufacturing process, such as equipment, production line, process, documents, raw materials, products and people. The connection and role between entities in reality are reconstructed in the digital space with model objects and the relationship between objects, and the digital virtual production process is realized after years of development, Open a new era of software definition and manufacturing. The free flow of all kinds of data can stimulate the maximum value. In the future, the development of enterprise information system architecture is flat and networked. What tests can OPC UA be used for enterprise information modeling and dynamic AC hydraulic universal testing machine do? Mutual harmony communication architecture, implement CPS, and realize the deep integration of ICT and ot

Hollysys was selected into the case set

as a leading automation and information technology solution provider in China, Hollysys adheres to independent research and development, which is reliable and advanced. Easy to use technologies and products, and continue to invest in innovation. In recent years, Hollysys has built a diverse collaborative system hollicube based on many years of project experience and the basic characteristics of CPS

in the Hollysys smart factory project, hollicube seamlessly integrates various production equipment, software systems and staff into a unified framework system, and with the help of the interconnection characteristics of the framework, realizes the tensile testing machine for thermal insulation materials, and integrates the collaborative work of various entities and virtual resources in our company's advanced technology CPS with the design of accessories, so as to build a diverse business scenario. At the company level, hollicube realizes the comprehensive integration of engineering technology, manufacturing and supply chain, the efficient flow of logistics, information flow and control flow, and the comprehensive digitalization, flow and intelligence of production and operation management

in the future, Hollysys will continue to explore and research based on CPS architecture, deepen technological innovation, provide users with more perfect solutions, and contribute to China's intelligent manufacturing and enterprise intelligent transformation and upgrading

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