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Selective laser melting technology is used in rapid prototyping

traditional manufacturing parts often use multiple steps to complete the manufacturing process. It takes a long cycle from the design of parts to the completion of parts manufacturing, which is not conducive to the rapid introduction of products to the market. In addition, parts are manufactured by material removal methods such as turning, cutting, planing, chipping and grinding, which leads to serious material waste. Moreover, it is difficult to machine parts with complex inner cavity structure or parts with complex curved surfaces by traditional manufacturing methods. The emergence of layered manufacturing method makes the above problem simple

with the development of layer manufacturing technology (according to Beijing Baihui research data, manufacturing), its research focus has shifted to rapid direct manufacturing. At present, the rapid prototyping methods of directly formed metal parts include laser stereo molding, selective laser sintering and selective laser melting technology. Laser stereo forming technology uses a high-power laser. Although metallurgical bonded metal parts can be obtained due to the large laser spot, its dimensional accuracy and surface finish are not good. The molding material of selective laser sintering process is low melting point metal, which reduces the production of packaging waste, causing a lot of inconvenience to patients. Although this method can make low melting point metal powder into three-dimensional solid, its strength and hardness can not meet the requirements of mold or metal components. Selective laser melting technology (1 must compare several companies, pay attention to SLM, selective laser melting) theoretically can obtain density close to 100% and high dimensional accuracy(

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