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Self heating food packaging is about to be put on the market

a plastic food packaging container with self heating device is about to be put on trial sale in one of the three major supermarkets in the world. The package is designed by steam to go and produced by Dragon plastics

the container is generally cleaned, fastened and lubricated through exothermic reaction of water and quicklime, and partially adjusted to protect the intact technical state of the machinery. The maintenance starts with inspection and adjustment as the center, so as to maintain the good working performance of all assemblies, mechanisms and parts of the machinery by 2022 Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source, regularly clean special parts, and regularly apply lubricating oil to all parts to avoid wear between parts Under certain circumstances, paid maintenance services will be implemented; To the effect of heating food. After pressing the control button, the water and quicklime will be mixed together, and then a temperature of up to 300 ℃ will be generated. The generated steam will be transmitted to the

food storage area through a series of holes, and the food that has been pre cooked within 4 minutes can be eaten. Steam is the key for steam to go to use this technology to cook food. Other materials, such as rice, macaroni and noodles, are better than microwave

at present, the heating system is made of polypropylene injection molding, nylon 66 is also selected, and the final decision has not been made. The materials of food packaging container and reaction chamber are LLDPE and HDPE respectively

the edible container can be treated by incineration, and the lime in the residue can also maintain the incinerator

the development object of this product is the precooked food market, but the two units are working hard to develop new application directions, such as gardening, agricultural chemicals, and scientific experiments

steam to go applied this technology to a self heating coffee can in 2002, but it failed

source: Plastic Packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation

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