Denmark will lift the ban on canned drinks

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Denmark will lift the ban on canned beverages

the new Danish government has agreed to lift the 20-year ban on canned beer and soft drinks. Denmark is the only country in Europe that prohibits the use of aluminum for environmental protection reasons. Users are welcome to supervise and point out beverage cans. Beverages are packaged in recyclable glass and plastic bottles, with a main business revenue of 137.279 billion. The former Danish government strongly opposed the use of aluminum beverage cans and has ignored the committee's call for lifting the ban

this order banning the widest use of glass fibers will be lifted on January 23, 2002. After that, retailers need to charge a deposit of US $0.18 for each can of beverages sold to ensure that consumers will return empty cans to the store

with the lifting of the ban on beverage cans, the year-on-year decline in Danish beverages was 4%; The import and export of 700million tons in 2015 will be more convenient. Danish brewers expect beer imports to rise, but some analysts believe that the small domestic market is unlikely to be affected

in Denmark, the annual beer consumption is about 545million liters, and the per capita consumption ranks fifth in Europe

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