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Sekuworks launched holographic anti-counterfeiting labels

sekuworks recently launched duosecure series of security certification label products. This type of product itself has QR QR code that can be connected to the network security certification system. This new label product combines QR QR code and multiple security anti-counterfeiting technology, which can prevent counterfeiting

duosecure learned that the series of labels have two different anti-counterfeiting levels, and have a variety of network-based tracking and verification functions. Duosecure label is also a holographic anti-counterfeiting label, which is printed by high-resolution flexographic printing, with micro text and secret mark. Duosecure+ adds intaglio printing, fine tactile lines and latent image watermarks to the micro text. Both label products have unique QR codes

the network verification of each label is unique. No matter how small the number of labels the customer purchases, it is the same with lapping steel precision, etc. The upgrade of the network interaction interface is also very simple. Its basic operation is to add the customer logo in the whole tracking system, and connect the relevant product data, distribution and QR code redistribution at the same time

the whole anti-counterfeiting industry knows that in order to prevent counterfeiting, we must adopt the anti-counterfeiting technology of multiple indenters. QR tracking technology can lock validation, distribution and grey market information. Sekuworks can provide a full range of packaging anti-counterfeiting services, and can provide comprehensive tracking. The sample of sekuworks' experiment is always disconnected on both sides, CEO Bob Spiller said

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