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The developing self-adhesive industry

the self-adhesive industry is still in a state of respective growth and everyone is happy. However, with the growth of some enterprises, the whole market pattern will develop from the current free competition to the following layout:

1. Companies with high-end products will gradually penetrate into the market of medium-sized products in order to improve market share and growth due to effective penetration into various market segments, It puts a lot of pressure on companies that currently produce mid-range products. At the same time, companies with low-end products will also look for space in the mid-range product market in order to meet the pursuit of profit after having a certain sales volume. As a result, the current companies producing mid-range products are forced to enter a situation of oppression, and their repositioning is urgent

the strong will always be strong. From the current trend analysis, the final outcome of the market in the next three to five years will be that the market leader will occupy 50% of the market share, the market followers and subordinates will occupy 20% and 10% of the market share respectively, the top three companies form a relationship of 5:2:1, the rest of the market share will be shared by the remaining operators, and the overall number of market participants will be effectively controlled by the market, So as to change the current relatively disordered state

2. In addition to changes in the structure of the self-adhesive market, all-round competition is also reflected in services, and the remaining packaging waste is also increasing year by year. The establishment of pre-sales service can effectively transform the order information of customers into production; The improvement of the network, especially the distribution system in economically developed areas and highly competitive areas, directly affects which supplier the printing factory orders to invest in; Other value-added projects continue to be launched, such as increasing coil length and reducing joints, which are all continuous extensions in service. In fact, in the case of product homogeneity, service will easily become a decisive factor. Improving service level requires cost and rich management experience, which will continue to be reflected in the future competition

3. The competition of speed will be raised to a very important position. The collection of market information, the ability to produce and supply on demand, and the speed of developing new products are the key factors in the future speed competition. The reaction speed of the enterprise itself is the embodiment of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Customers are more willing to see that dry rubber suppliers can meet their fleeting business faster, especially the regeneration opportunities of carbon reinforced plastics. Information penetration is mutual. Forming a rapid response mechanism will effectively use information and reduce its distortion. In a word, the above market structure and enterprise characteristics will soon be seen in our self-adhesive market

the era of focusing on brand will appear in the future self-adhesive market. Homogeneous products make end users unable to distinguish between different suppliers, and brand will be their best procurement guide. Some important changes will appear in the future market:

1. The quality of employees in the self-adhesive industry will continue to improve and appear in a professional image. The sales engineer will be a good expression for the self-adhesive salesperson in the future. They should not only deal with the customer's business arrangements, but also have the ability to solve these problems. We will not hide and solve the customer's printing problems. At present, we have more professional product knowledge and professionally help the customer solve the actual problems in the arrangement of product design and production process. Only professional companies can cultivate professional talents. A good brand will bring more commitments to customers

2. Many new marketing concepts will be applied to the self-adhesive industry. Relationship marketing, strategies to reward loyal customers and database marketing will gradually enter the application stage

with the increasingly fierce competition in the self-adhesive market, those companies that are committed to the development of the self-adhesive market, strive to create more core values, and improve their business will form a good reputation in the eyes of customers, and the value of their brand will be reflected accordingly

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