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Seiko Epson plans to quit the LCD panel industry

Seiko Epson will close the Tottori factory of its LCD panel business Epson imaging devices in March next year. In June last year, Sony, a major consumer electronics manufacturer, bought the amorphous silicon LCD screen production line of this Tottori factory. After that, Seiko Epson explored Sony's intention to acquire the remaining equipment, but the two sides have not reached an agreement

although Seiko Epson plans to clear the production equipment of the Tottori factory, it will still maintain the supply of parts and maintenance services for a period of time to meet the needs of existing customers. 4. The hydraulic pulser is an organization that generates high-pressure pulsating oil

as of September 30, the number of employees of Epson imaging devices was 1400, including design and R & D personnel stationed in Nagano county. But among them, 1000 employees have been seconded to Sony's LCD panel department, and the remaining 400 may be reassigned to other undertakings of Seiko Epson group or referred to Sony Group

Seiko Epson, who started from making clocks and watches to stepping into the printer business, has deep confidence in the technology of its own manufacturing, car navigation system and digital camera display screen. The phenomenon of turning to the latter is that the use environment of the facilities is not good, so it focuses on the development of small-size LCD panel business. In 2004, it acquired the small and medium-sized LCD panel business of Sanyo Electric, and generated a revenue of 386.3 billion yen in the fiscal year 2005, surpassing the core industries such as semiconductors and quartz components

however, after the economic recession triggered by the financial crisis in 2008, the panel business of Seiko Epson began to decline. Although smart computers are in power with tablet computers such as Apple iPad, Epson missed a great opportunity to enter the smart market in order to control capital expenditure and lose the price war launched by major panel manufacturers in Taiwan and South Korea

Seiko Epson's panel business, mainly LCD screens, lost 112.8 billion yen in revenue in fiscal 2009. According to DisplaySearch, a U.S. market research organization, the market share of small and medium-sized LCD panels of the company was still the third highest in the world in 2004, but the addition of simple accessories and devices plummeted to the 10th in 2009

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