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What is popular in cabinets this year? Is it simple or luxurious, classical or avant-garde? At present, the best-selling cabinet belongs to the simple style. In terms of material, it is the first choice for natural environmental protection. The popular color is mainly solid color, and the invisible handle that does not occupy a place is the most popular in hardware accessories

in recent years, the status of kitchen in home has not only been satisfied with simple functions, but also become a direct embodiment of the quality of home life. Today, with the gradual popularization of the overall kitchen, cabinet products also have their own trend changes from material, function to design. High technology, new materials, new processes and new design concepts are constantly updated and subverted

although many products are similar in appearance, style and color, there are great differences in internal quality. In addition to the different material selection of cabinets, the quality of cabinets produced by professional large factories with automatic mechanized assembly lines is also very different from that produced by small factories with manual workshops. How should consumers choose? Manager Xie reminded consumers that the most important thing is to check every detail carefully. He focused on three aspects

first, it depends on the edge banding of the plate. The edge banding of high-quality cabinets is fine, smooth, and feels good. The sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joints are fine. Professional manufacturers use linear edge banding machine to complete the processes of edge banding, head breaking, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing, etc. at one time, the gluing is uniform, the pressure of pressing and pasting edge banding is stable, and the accuracy of processing size can be adjusted to the most appropriate position to ensure the most accurate size. However, small workshops use brushes to apply glue, manually press and seal edges, use castor knives to repair edges, and use manual polishing machines to polish. Due to uneven pressure, many places are not firm, and formaldehyde and other toxic gases will volatilize into the air

second, it depends on the design and workmanship. The countertop of high-quality cabinet will generally be designed with a front water retaining edge, that is, the edge is raised to prevent water from dripping; Below the edge of the countertop, there will also be a gutter, in the shape of a ditch, which is equivalent to the eaves of a tiled house; Generally, reinforcing strips are added to the hanging cabinet to enhance the bearing capacity of the cabinet and prevent deformation. And inferior ambry mostly lacks the processing of these details; In addition, check whether the lower slide rail is not smooth or loose on the left and right, and whether the drawer gap is even

third, it depends on baking paint. Professional manufacturers generally use high gloss paint baking technology, and the method of identifying this kind of paint baking is also very simple. You can take its sample under the lamp and see whether the projection of the lamp on the sample board is clearly visible, that is, if you use high-quality paint baking, it can be used as a mirror; In addition, good baking varnish has strong wear resistance and is easy to clean. You can try to scratch on the sample board with one end of the ball point pen barrel, and then wipe the scratch with a piece of clean paper to see if it can be removed





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