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Soft decoration is an emerging industry. The so-called soft decoration refers to the secondary furnishings and layout of the interior after the decoration, using those decorations and furniture that are easy to change and change positions, such as curtains, sofa covers, cushions, craft tablecloths and decorative handicrafts, decorative ironwork, etc. Although many people still don't know what soft decoration means. But it appears more and more in people's lives, and brings more and more help to people's lives. Next, let's see what magical functions soft decoration has. 1、 Soft decoration is good at concealing defects. No matter how hard you try, the newly decorated house will have some defects more or less. Then, it is a good choice to use soft decoration to hide these defects. Fabric curtains in soft decoration can often give more prominence to their decorative or camouflage functions. If the room is not bright enough, you can use printed cloth with loose cloth texture and geometric patterns to make curtains. At the same time, the patterns on the curtains should be unified with the wall decorations as much as possible, so that people can have a broader vision. In addition, choosing shiny reflective cloth to decorate walls, ceilings and wood furniture can also play a complementary role. If the room looks spacious, you can choose materials with softer and fluffy cloth patterns and light absorbing texture to decorate the floor and walls, while a large number of materials with contrasting effects are selected for windows, or in eye-catching places, curtains, curtains and bedspreads with bright colors are used to form a sharp contrast with the floor and walls, so as to change the feeling of emptiness and monotony of the room. If the room appears too short, vertical stripes and patterns with strong color contrast can be used to decorate walls and windows. If the room appears too narrow, horizontal stripes and patterns can be used to decorate walls and curtains. Use eye-catching patterns at both ends of the narrow, and you can use the contrast and contrast of materials, such as laying soft carpets on the ground paved with wood and linen carpets. 2、 Soft decoration is easy to match different styles of space

first of all, different spaces should be matched with different styles of fabric. Specifically, the choice of fabric curtains should first establish a unified effect according to the decoration tone and style of the room. Then determine the best match of curtain fabric art according to the specific use of each room. According to the different functions of the room, choose curtains with different colors and patterns

1. The living room is a place for guests and family members to rest. It is suggested to choose light colored thin fabrics with strong light transmittance to create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect

2. The bedroom is a private space. It can be considered together with bedding products. Choose thick and shading cloth as the main material, with double layers of yarn and curtain, to create a warm and romantic atmosphere

3. The children's room is suitable for bright and relaxed colors and lively patterns to create a lively and relaxed atmosphere

4. Dark colors and simple and elegant patterns should be selected for the elderly room to create a deep and stable atmosphere

5. The study is suitable for simple and elegant patterns to create a cultural atmosphere and personalized atmosphere

6. The toilet and kitchen should choose cloth that is dirt resistant and easy to clean. At the same time, curtains with different styles and patterns can also be changed according to the season. For example: in summer, cloth curtains with emerald green, water blue and other colors appear cool. But in winter, they can be replaced with warm colors. If it cannot be replaced, choose neutral tones and patterns. 3、 Soft decoration is suitable for adjusting the family atmosphere

a few years ago, as long as many citizens were optimistic about a style of fabric, all the curtains, door curtains, balcony curtains, etc. at home were used. Now, people will choose different styles of cloth in different spaces, and pay more attention to the function of decoration and adjusting the family atmosphere. When choosing fabric art, we should not only consider the collocation with family decoration style, but also conform to the owner's age and personality. Young owners should not choose curtain fabric art with mature color and stable style. Older people should not choose fabric art with too light color, too lively pattern and too fashionable and advanced style. The same calm and quiet people are not suitable to choose too warm and lively fabric




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