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In 2015, relying on its strong corporate strength and brand effect, Molike won the qualification of tmall's double 11 home venue activities when it launched tmall in the first year. On the double 11 of that year, the headquarters took the lead in cooperating with tmall to carry out national linkage promotion in Molike stores

in 2015, relying on its strong enterprise strength and brand effect, Molike curtain won the qualification of tmall double 11 home venue activities when it was launched on tmall in the first year. On the double 11 of that year, the headquarters took the lead to work with tmall to carry out national linkage promotions in Molike stores, and there was a rush to buy online and offline

look back on the hot scene last year

if 2015 is the starting year of molyk's o2o strategy, this year is the outbreak year. This year's double 11, Molike will not only continue to "offer", but also join hands with international famous models to invite you to "make an appointment"

she is synonymous with fashion; Molike is the creator of home beauty. When beauty meets fashion, when fashion meets fashion, how wonderful will it be

from October 28 to November 12, Changchun Molike joined hands with tmall double 11 to carry out offline Tesco benefit activities. Miss Li yini, an international famous model, came to Changchun to sign for sale. She is a high-end brand, noble quality, preferential price and rich gifts

the discount is unprecedented, and you can also buy a set of star curtains at a low price

see stars and get discounts

friends in Changchun, don't miss the following activity information:

activity time: October 28 - November 12, 2016

location: Molike flagship store in Changchun, Jilin Province (No. 563, Haikou Road, Changchun, 30 meters east of the South gate of the northern market)

activity content:

1. Grab special supply and speed up: stars are limited to the same type of curtain. During the activity, the consumption of the whole house is more than 6000 yuan, You can exchange +99 yuan for a set of star curtains of the same type (only the top 30 can enjoy it)

2. 5 yuan is worth 500 (100 times value-added): during the event, 5 yuan invitation card can be worth 500 yuan (consumption over 2000); There are also exquisite gifts for free (anyone who pays attention to Molike wechat official account for the first time can get a beautiful gift)

3. Star dating, waiting for you to "benefit": star shows, on-site signing, all products in the audience buy 3 free 1, buy 3 meters of cloth free 1 meter of cloth, and the reduction activities are only for cloth/yarn, excluding auxiliary material fees

4. Customer exclusive feedback: all regular customers who have consumed any products in Changchun Molike can go to the store on November 12 with an invitation card to obtain a pair of regular customer exclusive customized handprints and signature throw pillows

5. You can grab 100 yuan red envelopes, and smash eggs to draw big prizes: during the event, as long as you decide that customers can participate in the red envelope lottery (the consumption amount is over 2000), the red envelope amount is not less than 100; If you spend more than 5000 yuan, you can also participate in the on-site lottery of Molike's "star date, waiting for you to benefit" on November 12: first prize: refrigerator worth 3000 yuan; Second prize: color TV worth 2000 yuan; Third prize: pressure cooker worth 588 yuan

it's better to act now than to be full of expectation. Changchun partners, get ready for the deposit quickly and take the time to make the beautiful "Molike" gorgeous home

don't be disappointed if you are not in Changchun! At that time, tmall will broadcast this exciting feast live. During the live broadcast, Molike will send out several sets of high-quality window screens worth 998 yuan free of charge. Don't miss your favorite friends

Molike has always taken "inheriting fabric culture and building a harmonious home" as its mission for 34 years, and constantly refined and refined its products, which will surely bring you extraordinary beauty of home life




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