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On the morning of April 1, Lu'an Kefan company held a grand summary meeting and monthly silver microphone award ceremony in March 2019. The meeting was presided over by Liao Shiquan, general manager of Lu'an Kefan, and all staff of all departments of the company attended the morning meeting

in order to fully show the spirit of Kefan people, all departments sent cadre representatives to the stage to lead the dance. There was a lot of noise from the stage, and the staff responded positively one after another. In order to create a dynamic and positive working atmosphere, the morning meeting also prepared a slogan competition, factory song competition and many interactive links, and the staff were also actively involved and full of joy

at the meeting, President Liao made a comprehensive summary of the quality breakthrough and business completion of Lu'an Kefan in March, gave positive encouragement and praise to the storage department of the monthly quality breakthrough champion, and asked Liu Bin, director of the quality department, to award him the "March quality breakthrough champion team" banner, which fully mobilized everyone's enthusiasm and enabled every employee to work with a more positive attitude and enthusiasm

▲ director Liu Bin of the quality department and director Yang Chendong of the warehousing department

in this tense and exciting agenda, the scoring results of the morning meeting in March have been released. The technology department, which has always been active and proactive, deserved the honorary title of "champion team of the March morning meeting", and Fu Quan, the manager of the human resources administration department, awarded the award

▲ Chen Tiejun, director of the technology department and Fu Quan manager of the human resources administration department

at the same time, in order to enrich the morning meeting of Lu'an Kefan and provide a stage for all employees to show themselves, Lu'an Kefan morning meeting adopts the rotating host system to fully show the style of employees. Among them, dou Zulian of the technology department was rated as the champion of the silver microphone host in March. In addition, Jiang Wei of the human resources and administration department, Chen Wenjing of the storage department and Li Xu of the project department, the host of the morning meeting in March, received certain awards

▲ Dou Zulian, winner of monthly silver microphone

▲ from left to right are: Jiang Wei of human resources administration department, Chen Wenjing of storage department, Li Xu of project department, dou Zulian of Technology Department (representatives receive the award)

quality and service have always been the commitment of Kefan customization. Kefan has been focusing on whole house customization for 13 years, always adhering to the business philosophy of honesty, trustworthiness and quality first, and enjoys extensive popularity and reputation across the country, adhering to high quality, It has won the German red dot award for three years, and obtained the ten ring certification again in 2018. It has won the support of consumers with healthy and environmentally friendly materials

at the end of this morning meeting, the staff of all departments expressed that they were still not satisfied. They looked forward to the morning meeting next week, and devoted themselves to work and life with full passion, passing the positive energy of Kefan people to more people

[about Kefan customization]

Kefan, founded in 2006, is headquartered in Guangdong Industrial Design City, an influential industrial design demonstration base in China. It is a full house customization solution service provider integrating home research and development, design, intelligent manufacturing and service. Kefan adheres to the strategy of serving the country with design, takes design innovation as the driving force, and takes scientific and technological customization as the means, uses cloud technology to achieve C2B mass customization, makes every effort to create a unique business model of "big design + smart industrial chain", promotes enterprises to realize n2c NEW retail upgrading, and finally moves towards smart home operators. The enterprise advocates the core value concept of "less is more", advocates a simple and happy life attitude, leads the home style of simple decoration, light luxury, and uncommon, adheres to the business approach of "Fang Zhengping", takes on the important task of green home and environmental protection with gratitude, always adheres to the design dream, works hard for the popularization of customized home, and strives for the internationalization of intelligent furniture manufacturing




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