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The 5th Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition came to a successful conclusion a few days ago. Deville wardrobe made a wonderful debut with new products. The seven innovations have become eye-catching tools and successfully attracted the attention of businessmen and customers from all over the world

from March 24 to 26, 2015, the 5th China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition, one of the largest, most authoritative and most influential wardrobe professional exhibitions in China, was held grandly. Every time, dewell, which must participate in each session, brings a very visually shocking exhibition hall design, international new products and brand marketing mode to global customers. This session of dewell wardrobe is the first in six industries, fulfilling its industry responsibility and mission as the "top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe" for many years, pointing out the direction for the development of China's overall wardrobe in 2015, and drawing a successful conclusion for the fifth Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition

Deville wardrobe exhibition hall is very popular, and 2015 new products are very popular.

this exhibition, Deville and superstar Huang Shengyi brand image appeared, and a large number of powerful dealers gathered to consult on the scene, which surrounded the huge Deville exhibition hall. The staff were very busy, and they didn't even have the skill to drink a glass of water, which shows how powerful Deville's brand appeal and charisma are

as the most professional wardrobe exhibition in China, Deville brought out the latest upgraded products, which are permeated with the unique Italian simple European style, exquisite and beautiful. As an image function product, the supreme whole kit of the court follows the design principles of men's left and women's right, and is specially tailored for married families. The wardrobe is divided into two parts, with men's clothes on the left half and women's clothes on the right half. It also has intelligent neon lights representing the four seasons. In addition, the highly intelligent Southeast Asian sunshine tatami, various shutters, and fine handles have become a sharp weapon for attracting the eyes of the exhibition

the board comes from the "wooden board" with the highest environmental protection standards in the world. All hardware are purchased from the world's top brands. It is the epitome of function and aesthetics, technology and art. Its eye-catching fashion appearance has attracted a large number of mobile phone photographers to take photos or take group photos. Many dealers are more reluctant to leave the new products for a long time

the appearance of the exhibition hall is the first appearance and impression of the brand, and the brand image of Deville is fully detonated. Under the siege of many brand booths, Deville became the focus of the whole exhibition with creative simple European lines and eye-catching noble champagne gold color design, grabbing the attention of pedestrians, and perfectly interpreting the essence of Deville brand, which integrates European classics and oriental traditions. It is elegant and fashionable, and full of internationally synchronized overall customized wardrobe boutiques

the staff is a beautiful scenic spot on the scene. No matter the appearance, dress, speech and behavior, or the weapons they carry, they all represent the courage and charm of the top ten brands of the overall wardrobe. The investment manager of "fashion trendsetter" has an i-pad to demonstrate the advantages of 3D cloud system personality display, promote interaction, fast sales, and provide one-stop services such as viewing, consulting, and production

in addition to many highlights on the scene, Deville's seven innovations also grabbed the mind and became a benchmark

pioneered 32530 profit model

Deville pioneered the successful opening profit model of 32530 in the customized wardrobe industry, which covers 100% of the opening of each dealer's new store. "32530" refers to the opening promotion blasting team composed of three people dispatched by the company to help the dealers stay in the store for 25 days, assist the dealers in the successful opening and win 300000 yuan of sales performance, successfully make the first shot in the regional market, and lay a solid foundation for subsequent market sales

create a precedent for 360 degree all-round cooperation and support

join Deville and will enjoy unprecedented manufacturer support policies: no franchise fee; Free of assistance fees for system personnel; Enjoy the highest decoration subsidy in the industry; Enjoy low discount sample loading support; Free 3D cloud mobile order receiving system; Enjoy annual high rebate advertising support 1:1; The 32530 opening team assisted the dealers in opening successfully. At the same time, it has invested to hire a marketing planning service agency in China's home building materials industry to form a strategic partner to help dealers invincible in the market

pioneer 1+8 profit quick manufacturing mode

in the Internet era, the customized wardrobe Market wins with speed, and only rapid response can win the terminal. For this reason, Deville customized the industry's first "1+8 profit quick manufacturing mode" for distribution consultants. As long as dealers accept the "1+8 profit quick manufacturing mode" of Deville, which has been tested by the market for 10 years and verified by more than 300 projects, they can quickly enter the strong channel lineup in the regional market

Chuangling 7-star profit system

in order to achieve the grand vision of "career integration and long-term cooperation" with franchisees in this exhibition, Deville launched the industry's first 7-star profit system, which is a transcendence and breakthrough of the original 7-star profit system. The upgraded 7-star profit system will work with dealers to win-win wealth dreams

the first 3D cloud mobile order receiving system

the 3D cloud mobile order receiving system, which is the first in the industry, is an all-round experience software tailored for users and dealers. It is interactive, friendly, humane and simple. It has four functional subsystems: cloud display, cloud design, cloud sales and cloud query. At the same time, it also has the functions of message promotion, experience virtual scene map, differential sharing and so on, which greatly improves the sales mode and turnover of dealers

the world's highest environmental protection standard "wood board"

in 2014, in order to completely eliminate formaldehyde from the source of the board, Deville strong joined hands with the world's top environmental protection board manufacturing experts to launch the newly upgraded healthy and environmental protection board "wood board". The formaldehyde emission reached the high standards of European environmental protection, and its safety was as healthy as fruit food, once again pushing China's healthy wardrobe to a new height

at the 5th Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition, Deville became the focus of the whole exhibition with six innovations, grabbing the attention of pedestrians and attracting the attention of many businesses. Nearly 100 dealers are interested in joining, and there are an endless stream of on-site signatories. Deville's participation in the Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition has ended successfully and plans for the future





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