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On March 28, europay home furnishing group, together with the famous public welfare project "free lunch", held a grand launching ceremony of the "love family plan" at its headquarters in Guangzhou

on March 28, europay home furnishing group, together with the famous public welfare project "free lunch", held a grand launching ceremony of the "love family plan" at its headquarters in Guangzhou

yaoliangsong, the initiator of the "love family plan" public welfare project and the chairman of europay home group, said that based on the reflection on the "Guo Meimei incident", europay has made an innovative attempt to carry out public welfare activities. The "love family plan" will create a new transparent donation model

150 selected students from all over the country, including "europay love family ambassador", famous film and television star Jiang Wenli, "China's good voice" and "China's good songs", came together to deliver the positive energy of "love family" with europay home group

enterprises should establish a harmonious relationship of benign mutual feeding with the society

at the launch ceremony, Yao Liangsong said that the relationship between enterprises and society is mutual feeding. In order to become a century old enterprise and forge a lasting brand, it is necessary to form a benign interaction with the society. Europe school has been thinking about the original significance of the existence of enterprises and studying the relationship between enterprises and society. "The existence of century old brand enterprises must have significance for the society; otherwise, they will be eliminated by the society. Based on this thinking, a few years ago, we formally defined the vision of europay enterprises as' to build europay into a respected and beloved creative home furnishing group with a certain international influence in China '." Yao Liangsong analyzed

at the same time, Yao Liangsong also elaborated on the vision of Europa's enterprise: "the enterprise goal of 'China's famous and certain international influence' is certainly the dream of Europa, but we may pay more attention to whether Europa is' respected and loved '." Yaoliangsong believes that "being loved" requires Europeans to use wisdom and sweat to create perfect products, provide personalized and humanized design solutions and modern first-class services; "Being respected" is to learn to interact with society. "No matter how big the enterprise is, the original meaning of the enterprise is to benefit the society. This is the value of the enterprise. This is the ultimate pursuit of European School and the original intention of the 'love family plan'." Yao Liangsong said

Europa "love plan" and "family plan"

it is reported that the cooperation with the "free lunch" project is only the first project after the launch of the "love plan". Europa's "love plan" includes two parts, "love plan" and "family plan"

among them, the "love program" aims to take the lead in funding with europay group, and mobilize the participation of europay consumers to jointly pay attention to and fund needy children and their families. In addition to the "free lunch", europay also plans to invest funds to help families of children with intellectual disabilities and promote interactive care actions between urban families and children and families in distress

the "family plan" carried out at the same time with the "love plan" is mainly to think and explore the original significance of the family. It focuses on the improvement of the "sub-health state" of modern families lacking love, advocates communication and respect between families, and is committed to building the happiness of each family through active expression and loving actions. Yaoliangsong said, "we will take out our resources and integrate social resources to call on everyone to pay attention to and reflect on family health and 'family sub-health' in various forms."

the reporter learned from the launching ceremony of europay's "love family plan" that europay has carried out in-depth cooperation with the "free lunch" project this time, and mobilized the majority of europay consumers to offer love by making consumers benefit. Consumers only need to spend 20 yuan to buy europay's "love card", which can directly offset the payment for 500 yuan europay's household products, This love money will be donated directly to "free lunch" and other public welfare projects by europay home group in the name of the buyer

it is understood that at the launch ceremony, europay Home Group donated 500000 yuan to "free lunch". At the third anniversary celebration of "free lunch", europay donated another 1million yuan, totaling 1.5 million yuan in the first phase

the reflection on the "Guo Meimei incident" has made every donation effective in transparency.

some experts on public welfare believe that due to the impact of the "Guo Meimei" incident, the credibility of public welfare charities is declining day by day. China's charities need a healthier and more standardized future, win the trust of donors and the public with credibility, and benefit vulnerable people in urgent need of assistance with professionalism and effectiveness

in order to ensure the transparency and openness of the "love family plan", the project leader of europay said that in addition to investing a huge amount of money in donations, europay will cooperate with reputable charities and professional planning institutions to open up an open and transparent online inquiry and interaction system between donors and recipients, so as to make the flow of each donation clear, Let public welfare be implemented. "For every dollar donated by consumers, we will use modern information technology to let you clearly see which school this money is finally implemented in. The income and expenditure of this school and the changes after donation can be seen at a glance, so that you can not only rest assured, but also really see the help your kindness brings to others, which is a return to all philanthropists!" Yao Liangsong said

according to reports, at the launching ceremony of the "love family plan" of europay home group, in addition to the stars, 150 "europay love family ambassadors" from all over the country appeared at the launching ceremony. They were selected by europay home group from the consumers who participated in the donation of "free lunch", and will serve as the "love family ambassador" of europay home group in the next year. They have the right to recommend public welfare projects of europay home group and the right to supervise the whole process of implementation, and can be invited to participate in some public welfare activities of europay home group to contribute to public welfare undertakings together with europay

yaoliangsong: "although our strength is limited, we will persevere!"

Yao Liangsong said that society is the land for enterprises to cultivate and give energy to enterprises' development. Although Europa has limited power for the time being, it has no hesitation in giving back to society and participating in public welfare. "We know that Europa's power is limited, and the power of its outstretched hand may not be strong enough. However, we still need to reach out and support as many children as we can! We can integrate as many forces as we can! We know that our voice for family health may also be limited, and the impact may also be limited, but as long as we have as many decibels, we can use as many decibels! Can affect As many families as ring, so many families will be affected! "

as one of the main sponsors of the "free lunch" public welfare project, Chen Chaohua, general manager of Southern Metropolis Daily, expressed his heartfelt thanks to europay home group for its enthusiasm for public welfare. He believed that europay home group, as the first brand in the domestic home furnishing industry, has a great influence on both inside and outside the industry. This time europay public welfare undertakings are upgraded, the "love family plan" is launched, and a new model of transparent public welfare donation is created, On the one hand, it has fulfilled the responsibility of corporate citizens and helped those who need help; On the other hand, it also serves as a model and reference for the reform of China's public welfare model

the launch of the "love family plan" of oupai cabinet caused a gust of wind, which has also been widely concerned in the society. It not only helped people in need, but also conveyed the idea of oupai. Giving and receiving, and implementing the idea of love family in every home




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