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China's home furnishing industry continues to be hot and will enter the era of integration

Abstract: giants such as Alibaba and Tencent also pay so much attention to and heavily participate in the home furnishing industry, which seems to be enough to prove that the home furnishing industry has become a mainstream industry and has a bright future

the home furnishing industry has never been so concerned and favored as it is now. At the end of 2017, red star Macalline became the first quasi "blue chip" stock of a+ H shares in China; In early february2018, a few days before the Lunar New Year of the dog, Alibaba and Taikang joined hands with a number of investment institutions to jointly invest 13billion yuan in the home. In 2017, 9 home furnishing enterprises were listed. So far, more than 40 enterprises in the home furnishing industry have been listed, and all well-known investment institutions and investors are enthusiastic about investing in this industry. It is certain that the listing trend of the home furnishing industry will continue in 2018

giants such as Alibaba and Tencent also pay so much attention to and heavily participate in the home furnishing industry, which seems to be enough to prove that the home furnishing industry has become a mainstream industry and has a bright future. With the intervention of these external strong forces and resources, it also indicates that the great integration period of China's home furnishing industry has come, and the integration speed will be unusually fierce. First, let's introduce its hydraulic system. On the other hand, judging from the development track and characteristics of China's home furnishing industry in 2017, this judgment is also sufficient

conclusion 1: the three years from 2018 to 2020 will be the window period for large-scale integration

2018 to 2020, and the industry integration speed in these three years will be more fierce than that in the past 20 years. Enterprises that can break through the encirclement will achieve leapfrog development in these three years, which is marked by the breakthrough of enterprise scale. In these three years, a number of enterprises in the home furnishing industry will enter the ranks of 10 billion yuan, and it will take at least 1billion yuan to enter the first group in the subdivided fields. If the scale of the enterprise can not achieve a breakthrough in these three years, it is difficult to have large development opportunities

the leading enterprises in various sub sectors that promote the large-scale integration have reached a certain scale, and the corresponding capabilities and resources have been accumulated to the time of the outbreak, so that they can be used in the collection and display of experimental data. As capital, external resources and new technologies are the three main driving forces, leading enterprises have great opportunities in the integration of capital and external resources. However, there is a premise that whether in the enterprise or focusing on the main business, if the home furnishing enterprise is listed, it will not help the development of its main business with capital, but will be keen on finance and capital operation. There is no doubt that it has no long-term future

what needs to be added is that in addition to the above, the power to promote the large-scale integration of the household industry also has a great relationship with the upgrading of environmental protection policies, tax regulations and financial policy environment. In the future, only standardized enterprises can survive and develop, because only such enterprises are needed for industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading, otherwise they will be shut down and eliminated. No matter passive or active, the number of enterprises eliminated will not be small in the next three years. When the whole market demand has reached the ceiling, the market space released by these eliminated enterprises is a great opportunity for the surviving enterprises. Policies and markets have provided an environment for high-quality enterprises to become bigger and stronger

conclusion 2: the logic of enterprise development is either to become stronger and bigger, or to leave the market.

the typical characteristics of the home furnishing industry are large markets and small industries, with a large number of enterprises and low brand concentration. However, the integration trend in the past three years is that the number of enterprises will decrease rapidly and the concentration of brands will increase rapidly. So for many small and medium-sized home furnishing enterprises, these three years are particularly critical. If you can make a breakthrough, you will go up. If you can't make a breakthrough, there will be no hope

in the past 30 years, China's economic development, such as home appliances, 3C, FMCG and other industries, has formed today's industry pattern in the stage of large-scale integration. One of its typical characteristics is that the stronger the strong, the weaker the weak. Big fish eat small fish, fast fish eat slow fish, and the weak are finally eliminated. In 2017, the home furnishing industry has also shown such characteristics if necessary. Objectively speaking, after the second half of 2017, the fatigue of the whole market has become very obvious. Many enterprises have lost their previous high-speed growth and there has been obvious polarization. The author has made a thorough investigation. In 2017, the top 5 enterprises in various categories had an average revenue growth of 30%, such as the revenue and profit growth of gujia home furnishings were nearly 40%, and the revenue growth of Tata wooden doors was more than 40%. However, apart from the leaders, more enterprises did not grow in 2017, and some even had negative growth

it can be said that in the next three years of industrial integration, enterprises will either become stronger and bigger, or they will be eliminated. A wise person who takes the initiative to leave the scene may safely put his accumulated wealth in his pocket; However, enterprises that are forced to eliminate passively may lose all their accumulation in the past 10 or 20 years. The market is cruel, and the development of the industry does not believe in tears. This is a great integration that does not depend on people's will. Some people will ask, is there no way out without being big? Yes, unless you make a difference. (in the future, I will talk about the differentiated survival path of home furnishing enterprises.) Enterprises without differentiation are simply unable to compete with the strong in homogeneity

conclusion 3: the opponent may not be in the industry, but foreign monks may be more powerful.

"cross border robbery" is not alarmist, and it will stop automatically after reaching the specified number of times; It can also stop the machine automatically after the fatigue failure of the spring; The machine is mainly used for fatigue life tests of various spiral springs, automobile suspension springs, elastic components, etc. it is also a reality that hundreds of billions of giants will take a share. For household enterprises, the competitors may not be companies in the industry, and foreign monks may be more "chanting scriptures"

it is certain that the biggest cross-border force is the real estate enterprise. Now, Vanke, Evergrande, country garden, etc. have laid out the downstream home furnishing industry. Vanke cooperates with chain home to build Wanlian connected home decoration. In addition to providing joint procurement platform for real estate developers, mining and construction built by Vanke leading investment will also be strongly involved in the home decoration supply chain; Similarly, Evergrande is also accelerating the layout of hardbound supply chain and cooperating with Tencent to build Evergrande home; Orange home invested by country garden is eyeing the home decoration market, and its modern Zhumei will also enter the home decoration market from its internal supporting enterprises; Aijia life invested and built by Zhongcheng alliance and Henan Jianye has set off quite a storm in the home decoration industry

there is also a strong cross-border force - a typical enterprise represented by Internet, technology and intelligence. Xiaomi has entered the home furnishing industry in an all-round way. Its extreme single product thinking and strong traffic operation ability have made Xiaomi's expansion in the home furnishing field very fast; Haier, Midea, including Huawei and other home appliance technology giants have also made great efforts in the layout of the home furnishing field, especially in the future era of smart home, these giants have some powerful resources and advantages

it is certain that in the future, there will be more and more cross-border giants entering the home furnishing industry, but this also shows that the home furnishing industry is a good industry, with some huge opportunities. For strong household enterprises and entrepreneurs with dreams - here comes the opportunity! "Live up to the times and the government", how to walk well in the next three years is particularly critical

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