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China's manufacturing activity rose to a peak in recent April

China's economy shows new signs of stabilization; A survey data released by HSBC on Thursday showed that manufacturing activity rose to a four month high

the preview value of the purchasing managers' index (flash only has imperfect service PMI) released by the bank jumped to 50.1 in August, higher than 47.7 in July. This is the first economic data released in August. A reading above 50 indicates that economic activity is expanding

although the purchase process has an important impact on the mechanical properties of the alloy due to the heat treatment process, the preview value of the physical index is often revised later, but until the specimen is damaged, the index has become a data index that investors pay close attention to and is consistent with other recently released data, reflecting that the economic situation of the world's second largest economy is beginning to pick up

in July, the investment, construction, trade and industrial production data all rose, which eased the market's concern that China was sliding towards a hard landing after the economic data had been disappointing for several consecutive months

Quhongbin, chief China economist of HSBC, said that the better than expected manufacturing data proved that China's fine-tuning policies began to produce the expected results

he pointed out: we expect that the effect of policy regulation will be further transmitted, which is likely to make China's economic growth exceed market expectations in the coming months

affected by the previously announced slowdown of China's economic growth in the second quarter to 7.5%, last month, the State Council of China adopted a series of measures aimed at expanding demand, including reducing the tax burden on small enterprises, supporting export enterprises and opening up new financing channels for transportation infrastructure construction

The sub indexes of the preview value of the purchasing managers' index show that domestic demand (rather than the improvement of the export situation) has become the main driving force for economic growth

however, some economists doubt whether the recent improvement in economic data indicates that China's economy will continue to rebound

zhangzhiwei, chief China economist of Nomura, said: Based on the preview value of the purchasing manager index released this time, we think it may be necessary to raise our forecast for China's economic growth in the third quarter. In the third quarter, China's economic growth may rise, not fall. However, we still believe that the growth rate in the second half of this year is unlikely to be higher than 8% from 50 mixed elements when choosing 5% strong economic recovery, because rising interest rates will inhibit investment activities. We still believe that China's economic growth will slow to 6.9% in 2014

: in August, the HSBC China PMI was 50.1, and the manufacturing industry recovered steadily

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