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China's high-speed rail is about to enter Russia

the overseas reputation of China's high-speed rail is growing. Recently, foreign media reported that Chinese enterprises will participate in the planning and design of Russia's first high-speed railway. Experts pointed out that with China's high-speed rail heading for Russia, the two countries will start cooperation in more fields and finally achieve win-win results

participated in the planning and construction of Russia's first high-speed railway

China's high-speed railway has developed rapidly. Since 2003, the high-speed railway has accounted for more than half of the total length of the world's high-speed railway. At present, China's high-speed rail is mainly laid at home, but the overseas market has a good momentum of expansion, and has the intention to cooperate with countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Americas and other regions

TASS shortcut, a Sino Russian consortium led by the Moscow national transport engineering survey and Design Institute, consisting of nizhnynovgorod Metro Design Co., Ltd. and China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd., won the bid for part of the Moscow Kazan high speed rail project

it is reported that the successful bidder is responsible for completing the engineering survey, land survey, planning map and document design for the construction of Moscow Kazan high speed railway from 2015 to 2016, with a contract amount of 20billion rubles (about 2.433 billion yuan). According to the plan, the high-speed railway from Moscow to Kazan is 770km long. The specific operation steps span seven main bodies of the Russian Federation, covering transmission parts and telecommunications parts for more than 25million people. 15 stations are planned to be set up throughout the whole process. The running time of ordinary trains is about 11 hours now, and will be shortened to 3.5 hours after the completion of the high-speed railway

the cooperation with Russia's first high-speed railway this time is an important milestone for China's high-speed railway to go global. An official from CNR said that although CNR has exported various types of passenger cars, trucks and other models with an hourly speed to many countries around the world, the true EMUs with a speed of more than 250 kilometers per hour have not achieved a zero breakthrough in export, and this breakthrough will be achieved on the Kazan high-speed rail in Moscow

it is reported that after the survey work and design report are completed, China Railway will strive for the high-speed rail infrastructure project contract, while CNR will seek the EMU manufacturing order

China's high-speed rail has obvious cost and technical advantages.

the Sino Russian cooperation first stems from the Russian demand. It is understood that Russia has no high-speed rail line for trains with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour. According to the railway transportation development strategy before 2030, Russia plans to build 20000 kilometers of new railways, including 5000 kilometers of high-speed railways

secondly, the unique technology and cost advantages of China's high-speed rail have attracted the attention of Russia. Wangmengshu, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and Deputy Engineer of China Railway Tunnel Group, said that China's current high-speed rail construction technology and team can basically cope with any terrain, climate and construction conditions. It is also reported that China can export in a package from public works, communication signals, traction power supply to bus manufacturing; China's high-speed rail technology can either transform existing lines with a speed of 250 kilometers per hour or build new lines with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour; The cost of high-speed rail construction in China does not exceed 2/3 of that in other countries

in the report "China's high speed railway: construction cost analysis", the world bank praised that China's high-speed railway leads the world, and has obvious international competitive advantages from railway laying to high-speed train manufacturing to construction cost

other countries are also increasingly optimistic about China's high-speed rail. It is reported that China has signed high-speed rail cooperation agreements with Thailand, Laos, Indonesia and African countries. China's exports of locomotives, bullet trains and spare parts are also on the rise. According to the latest statistics, in January and February this year, China's total export of railway equipment, including locomotives, vehicles and related parts of Railways and tramways, exceeded 6billion US dollars

Vice Premier Wang Yang once said that China is willing to continue to work with Russia to promote cooperation in nuclear energy, aerospace, satellite navigation, agricultural trade, cross-border infrastructure construction, as well as China's participation in Russia's Far East Development and other fields, so as to make preparations for practical cooperation for the meeting of the two heads of state in Moscow in May

Vice Foreign Minister chengguoping disclosed that the heads of state of China and Russia will sign and issue a joint statement on deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination and advocating win-win cooperation, discuss major issues such as the docking and cooperation between the construction of China's Silk Road Economic Belt and the construction of Russia's trans Eurasian channel and the development of the Eurasian Economic Union, and determine the key areas and directions for the development of China Russia relations and cooperation in various fields in the next stage

experts pointed out that China and Russia will eventually achieve win-win cooperation in various fields. Take the export of high-speed rail as an example. For China, it can stimulate domestic materials, machinery and equipment industries and domestic exports. For Russia, it can not only improve the local infrastructure construction conditions and improve the people flow and logistics operation capacity, but also create 370000 jobs for the Moscow Kazan high speed railway project, promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises along the line and drive the development of machinery manufacturing and other industries

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