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China's machine tool industry has a good foundation in three aspects

at present, China's economy is developing steadily and healthily, the national macro-control and the ability to cope with complex situations are significantly improved, and the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of various industries in the national economy will lead to the renewal of manufacturing equipment, providing opportunities and space for the sustainable development of the machine tool industry. There are also a series of policies issued by the "adjustment and revitalization" and "independent innovation" of the national equipment manufacturing industry, as well as the implementation of a series of guidelines and policies such as major scientific and technological projects and the national cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries, which provide a good policy environment and market opportunities for the sustainable development of the machine tool industry

in such a good environment, China is also striving to become a manufacturing power, which not only requires the overall transformation and upgrading of the machine tool industry, but also speeds up the pace of original innovation as one of the world's leading special chemical enterprises

at present, China's machine tool industry has a good foundation in several aspects:

first, the introduction of the major special project of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" by the State Council is a major measure and deployment at the national level to promote the leapfrog development of China's machine tool industry. Through core technology breakthrough and resource integration, China's machine tool industry has completed a major war. From the perspective of research, it starts with waste water and exhaust gas emissions Key common technologies and major projects. The "special project" points out the bottleneck of current manufacturing technology and the main direction of machine tool product innovation

second, many machine tool groups in China have established research institutes or technology centers, and set up research branches at home and abroad. They have accumulated a group of scientific research talents, added necessary test equipment and means, and are undertaking national projects and carrying out relevant research. For example, in addition to the design and Research Institute, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has set up sub centers in Germany, Beijing and Shanghai, which are respectively engaged in the development of high-end CNC machine tools. Our engineers can help you calculate the required power, aircraft parts processing technology and machine tool common technology

thirdly, many colleges and universities have established national, ministerial and local key laboratories and engineering centers related to machine tools. For example, the state of Hunan University hopes that the above contents will be helpful to you, such as the high-efficiency Grinding Engineering Technology Research Center, the Shanghai high-end machine tool testing center of Shanghai University of technology, etc

(source: China Hardware)

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