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On November 12 and 13, leading representatives and well-known station leaders from major industry stations in China gathered in Hangzhou to jointly announce the official establishment of the "China industry station alliance (Preparatory)". The alliance takes Netsun as the central station and cooperates with excellent stations in various industries (one for each industry) to realize the vision of less conflict and more cooperation in the alliance. The first cooperation alliance initiated by industry stations, joined by famous brand industry stations and based on brand promotion was born

all in one world: strong forces join hands to seek common development

positioned as "Netsun" of e-commerce portal and business search platform of industry station alliance , is the perfect combination of e-commerce and search. As the initiator of brand alliance, it is the platform and link for alliance operation

alliance members can release new news, new products, new services, new announcements, etc. at the alliance central station, and fully grasp and own the Internet voice of the alliance station. The member stations of the alliance can be fully displayed and promoted in multiple columns and contents of the alliance central station (Netsun). It can find a unified voice in foreign cooperation, publicity, rights and other aspects, form a joint force, and strive for maximum interests and benefit sharing. The alliance will also provide unified station content or services, especially some services that need to be connected with key customer groups or industrial chains, such as instant messaging, payment, etc. The Council of the alliance will strengthen the experience exchange among professional stations, promote the members of the alliance and the development of the alliance, etc. Coordinate the competition and cooperation among alliance members

through joining, you will get the opportunity of packaging, publicity and display, and create a stronger enterprise (station) brand image while expanding the popularity of the enterprise. At present, the team of members of the alliance, including texture, mechanical and electrical performance alliance, is very strong. Your station will be on more and more alliance member stations at the same time. Joining in once will get the strong support of all members, which is very important for improving the popularity of each station Click through rate and credibility help you win a cost-free promotion war

in addition, all members can specify keywords to customize the business newsletter. We will send the latest business information to the email you specify according to the keywords, information type and frequency you specify. In other words, the VIP members of the alliance jointly establish a beautiful image of the industry station and outline a spectacular blueprint, which is the cornerstone of the establishment of the brand alliance and the foundation for the win-win situation of all industry stations and customers

gather industry pioneers to lead the industry economy.

as the platform's business treasure (Netsun), we are confident and able to lead the establishment of this industry alliance, share business resources with China's industry famous stations, and build a one-stop service platform for them to exchange and share resources

netsun president Sun said that Baosteel is committed to trying to establish new media and enterprise relations, which is also an important step in Baosteel's strategic plan of "focusing on industry alliances". Business treasure plans to use its own open platform. "When industry partners face some common problems, business treasure will use its own resources to provide a platform for discussion, solution and development in the form of an alliance."

after so many years of accumulation, President sun has his own idea of the industry station. He believes that to be an industry station, we should "win without fighting". In fact, the victory lies in being different, surprise and strategy. He is confident about the future

as for the choice of industries, business treasure cannot cover all aspects, but focuses on the promotion of more than 30 major industries that can represent the economic growth point. Business treasure is not just a simple industry alliance, but a collection of industry guides and industry information providers to accelerate and run in one direction

at the round table meeting of the industry alliance held on the same day, the representatives of each alliance actively expressed their suggestions on the specific plans and long-term goals for the future development of the industry alliance from their own industries. "Our industry alliance has been established. We should make full use of its advantages in customer resources and information resources to achieve win-win results." "I used to go to Netsun every day. I thought that Netsun was very characteristic, promising and tasteful. Now I know more about its brand management idea. This is a very modern idea." "This business portal" talks about business "from a commercial perspective, and has formed its own characteristics, which forms the difference of simple alliance with other industry stations. It is this difference that attracts many business people. Our company has learned a lot of business experience from business treasure. " "It has become a habit for us to use business treasure every day. Not only are our enterprises reading business treasure, but we also customize complete business information for our high-end customers. More often, customers will take the initiative to ask us to provide customized business information for them." we have become the Distribution Department of other industry stations. " "Our industry alliance should organize more influential large-scale business activities, so that the influence of business treasure and alliance station will continue to increase, and jointly make the market bigger and stronger." All the remarks are exciting

as the meeting drew to a close, representatives of all alliance stations and business treasures held out their hands and held hands tightly. Through this tight hand to hand grip, sincere heart to heart communication, and passion collision between wisdom and wisdom, the industry stations will surely achieve greater development together in the future! China's Internet business community will present the most beautiful scenery

future: unswervingly carry out the alliance to the end

speaking of future development, the heads of major industry stations confidently said that as long as each member of the team keeps growing, I believe that the bright future of the alliance must belong to everyone...

the unit joining the industry station alliance this time is the leader in various industries and has a sound and perfect operation track. In the future, more brand enterprises will join the alliance. Business treasure expressed heartfelt thanks to them and promised to adhere to the concept of serving members and taking the alliance as the center, carefully listen to the suggestions of the representatives of the alliance, and provide more perfect services for the alliance

the current "industry alliance" should not only continue, but also become better and better. Because this alliance is not only an activity, but also a resource

network, as the mainstream media of the economy in major industries, should pay attention to the economy, the main battlefield, as well as the Chinese economy and the world economy. As a station, it is necessary to often hold some planning meetings based on the 2013 data, so as to absorb and develop some excellent experience with a forward-looking perspective. Business treasure provides rich partnerships for major industry stations, and also provides some of its own smart products. Here, the major industry stations have truly realized more observation and mining, not only showing their own experience to experts, but also promoting it to the whole country and even the world. Here, we work together to contribute to the economic development of China's industry. Once the alliance is established, it will have a clear positioning direction. Starting from standardizing itself, it will improve the level of the industry, support domestic products, and support the industry alliance. It is also paving the way for the future. As the old saying goes, the lips die and the teeth die. Just imagine, with the progress of industry partners, there is no better tomorrow for the industry alliance

"China industry station alliance" will open up the upstream and downstream services of the alliance members in one fell swoop, enhance the awareness and influence of each alliance member unit in the industry, its influence and popularity among the audience, allow more people to participate, establish good cooperative relations, and jointly promote the development of China's information industry. It is a cross platform and cross regional professional network service promotion platform, integrating link exchange, sharing, information release, search services and other functions. The positive materials and negative materials of the company are first supplied to downstream battery manufacturers

as an old Chinese saying goes, "he who wins the hearts of the people wins the world", it is the same truth. The current customers are very rational. If the product itself is not in place, no amount of publicity will help. But on the contrary, "good wine also depends on shouting". Now is not the age when "good wine is not afraid of deep alleys". However, this premise is "good wine". If the wine is not good, the more you shout, the worse it will be. Because it covers a "word-of-mouth effect". When you shout, people will see that your product is not good. They will tell others that your product is not good. One pass, ten pass, one hundred pass, one hundred pass,... This is the word-of-mouth effect. Word of mouth effect is very important in current publicity. All members of the alliance are leaders in the industry. There is no suspense about "good wine". It is our common pursuit to further improve the service awareness of the industry station alliance and lead the industry economy. The image of the industry station will also make a qualitative leap with the alliance, and will certainly attract the attention of the public. For the alliance and the market, we are confident to wait for further research, because good things are worth looking forward to...

list of members of the China industry station alliance

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