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Chinese Mainland is an important target for paper investors

the "Pan Pacific pulp and Paper Technology Joint Conference" held in Taipei in mid October invited Mr. Philip, a paper industry expert and senior vice president of technology of American International Paper Company, to give a special speech, entitled "the mechanical change of the global pulp and paper industry - where will paper be produced in the future?"

Mr. Philips pointed out that at present, the global annual demand for paper and paperboard is about 320million tons, while North America, Western Europe and Asia account for 90%. The largest demand is in North America, followed by Western Europe and Asia. The demand in other regions is not high, accounting for only one tenth of the global proportion. However, in terms of the average annual paper demand per person, North America has experienced negative growth, while eastern Europe and Asia are the fastest growing regions. The per capita consumption of paper and paperboard in a country is closely related to national income. In countries with an annual income of less than US $5000, people have little money at their disposal, and the consumption of paper is also very low. However, once this critical point is exceeded, the consumption of paper and paperboard will rise rapidly with economic development, and the average annual consumption per person can exceed 200 kg. However, in developed countries with high economic development, the use of paper and paperboard has reached saturation, and the growth of per capita consumption is limited or even declining. In some rich countries, some paper functions have even disappeared. For example, electronic files replace paper forms. Young people are increasingly not reading newspapers as their only way to get information

the rapid rise of the paper market in Chinese Mainland has become the focus of attention. From 1996 to 2000, the demand for paper and paperboard in the United States and Chinese Mainland increased by an average of more than 1 million tons per year. However, in terms of growth rate, Chinese Mainland far exceeds the United States. At the same time, the United States has now stagnated. Fasteners and bolts are the key connectors in the utilization of engineering projects with a large amount of use. Chinese Mainland is in positive growth and will surpass Japan to become the world's second largest paper and paperboard consumer after the United States

as for Chinese Mainland, which lacks the most raw materials, it is currently an important target for paper investors. According to the latest data, in the next 15 years, the mainland will increase the price of scrap steel in Guangzhou and Foshan by 20 yuan/ton, spending 48billion US dollars, mainly to buy pulp, a small part to import wood chips, mainly to buy wood pulp to produce cultural paper and waste paper to produce industrial paper

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