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Abstract: since the first industrial revolution, successful enterprises all over the world have established a business ecology centered on the enterprise headquarters. The integrity of the construction and layout of the traditional business ecology and the strength of the business ecology operation team determine the vitality, innovation and development speed of the enterprise

recently, the 3rd member congress of the 7th China Heavy Machinery Industry Association was held in Beijing. Wang Lu, general manager of the world factory, gave a theme report on how to lay out online ecology for heavy machinery enterprises facing the new era to the enterprise representatives of China's heavy machinery manufacturing industry, which aroused strong repercussions from the participants

Wang Lu showed the on-line ecological map of Shibang Industrial Technology Group (Liming heavy industry), a heavy machinery enterprise, to the delegates on the spot, and illustrated the achievements of the on-line ecological layout of machinery manufacturing enterprises with figures:

--- Shibang Industrial Technology Group (Liming heavy industry) has a team of more than 400 people focusing on online business

--- obtain inquiry information from 150000 to 200000 interested customers through online ecosystem every year

--- 75% of the total sales of RMB 3billion came from online

--- the company actively pushes one, which can instantly reach more than 600000 global citizens and potential customers through more than 200 online nodes within one hour

--- due to the construction and layout of online ecology, the marketing cost of the company has directly decreased from 12% to 3% to 6%

Chinese manufacturing enterprises have become industry leaders since the construction of online ecology.

"Internet" is no longer a simple publicity channel, and "online ecology" is not a concept.

since the first industrial revolution, all successful enterprises around the world have established a business ecology centered on enterprise headquarters. The integrity of the construction and layout of the traditional business ecology and the strength of the business ecology operation team determine the vitality, innovation and development speed of the enterprise

however, with the rapid development of Internet in the past 20 years, human society has gradually entered the IOT (Internet of things) era. Enterprises' understanding of Internet must not just stay in the same publicity channels as newspapers and magazines. Interconnection has evolved from an efficient tool into a new line that is parallel to the real society and blends with each other. It covers a small space and an ecological environment. Both enterprises and customers exist in both the offline and online ecosystems. In the business competition of constantly shortening the distance with customers, the construction and layout of enterprise online ecology is even more important than the traditional offline business

cognitive misconceptions and lessons learned from the construction of online ecology

compared with the consumer goods industry, traditional machinery enterprises are not so sensitive to the Internet. The vast majority of machinery manufacturing enterprises should have these two basic understandings:

1. Internet is not just a publicity channel. Just be an official station, not to open a shop in Alibaba, tmall and JD

2. Both online and offline are equally important and belong to the core business field of the enterprise

Wang Lu shares the experience and lessons of enterprises that have successfully built an online ecosystem on site:

1. It is easier for enterprises to take overseas business and brand communication as the starting point for online business. The most effective and powerful way to achieve vehicle weight reduction is to use high-molecular materials marked by plastics as much as possible

2. Like offline sales and management teams, enterprise online business teams must be their own teams and cannot be outsourced

3. Enterprise online business will reshape business processes and bring problems to enterprises. Therefore, process reengineering and management upgrading need the leadership of enterprise decision-makers to be the most efficient

4. The systematic development of online business and the construction of an enterprise online ecosystem will surely yield rich returns. Online dividends should focus on feeding production, products and services, which is the foundation of manufacturing enterprises

5. Only by integrating cognition, team, business, management and strategy can the online and offline enterprises truly achieve steady development

6. Now some people tell us that it must be a mistake or detour to do network marketing, e-commerce, or even outsourcing operations

7. The times are constantly changing. In the current environment, facing the new era, if we want to eat online dividends, we should start arming ourselves with the idea of "enterprise online ecology"

build an enterprise online ecology centered on online headquarters

online headquarters is the foundation of enterprise online ecology and the emergence of the new era of Internet marketing. Such an appearance is not a skill question. Improving the understanding of "online headquarters" from the cognitive level and putting it in the same or even higher position as the offline headquarters of the enterprise is one of the important factors to grasp the demand and carry out the online ecological construction. The online headquarters of the enterprise mainly plays the following roles:

1, the most important carrier of online brand publicity

2 Among the online customer information, the compounds whose magnetism changes with light stimulation not only have the functions of strong light protection and optical switch of general photochromic materials, but also acquire and transform

3, the command center of each "division" in the online ecology

4, the link hub of online data and internal IT systems

how to build the enterprise online ecology from scratch

the layout and construction of the enterprise online ecology can not be achieved overnight, Instead, it needs to go through a process of cognition and thought upgrading. Its prerequisite is to understand itself and the industry. Therefore, the analysis and research of enterprise online ecology is the first step. By studying enterprises and industries, we output the enterprise online ecological analysis report, which contains at least the following four parts:

1. Research and analysis of the industry in which the enterprise is located: it mainly studies the industry, itself, competitors, etc

2. Evaluation and analysis of the existing online ecological layout of the enterprise: it mainly studies the existing online ecological situation of the enterprise, including official, online and offline businesses, etc

3. Enterprise business and product analysis

4. Enterprise online ecological construction analysis

building headquarters and laying out ecology on the line is the same as building headquarters and production workshops off the line. It is also a process of construction according to drawings, but it is more efficient and lower cost

the world factory (sithi Technology) team was established in 2008. After 10 years of rapid and steady development, with strong technical strength, professional product services and strong resource background, it has successfully served millions of Chinese manufacturing enterprises. It is China's leading e-commerce comprehensive service provider and the leader of online ecological construction services

through in-depth cooperation and key docking, the world factory has provided hundreds of high-quality manufacturing enterprise customers in China with online ecological construction schemes and implementation services, established long-term and in-depth cooperative relations with customers, and helped customers achieve rapid performance growth and brand influence, which is deeply trusted and praised

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