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The survey shows that the use of mobile Internet in Asian and African developing countries is the highest

in the afternoon of November 24, Beijing time, the survey of market research company Royal Pingdom shows that the proportion of mobile Internet use in developing countries is higher than that in developed countries

the survey results show that although Android, iPhone and other smartphones are popular in Europe and North America, the proportion of mobile Internet usage in the total usage in these two regions is still lower than that in Asia and Africa

the data of StatCounter, a research company, shows that worldwide, the consumption of mobile Internet accounts for 3.81% of the total consumption of Internet

mobile Internet usage in some African countries has accounted for more than 20% of the total usage. Chad is close to 29%, Nigeria is 25%, Sudan is 22%. In addition, Kenya and other countries have also reached nearly 20%

this figure is not balanced among Asian countries. Some countries are less than 10%, while India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Turkmenistan and Bangladesh are all about 15%. However, Japan, the most developed country in Asia, is only 2.17%

Nokia and its Symbian operating system occupy a dominant position in the market of these countries, with a share of more than 60% or even more than 90%. Sony Ericsson and Samsung usually rank next. Devices equipped with Android, IOS and blackberry operating systems have a negligible market share. For example, Indonesia is an exception. The mobile Internet traffic generated by BlackBerry accounts for 31% of the total traffic, but it still lags behind Nokia's Symbian system, ranking second

analysts believe that the proportion of mobile Internet usage in these countries is very high. An important reason for tearing off the 3-5 floors outside the double-sided adhesive tape is the economic problem. A large part of the population does not have the ability to buy computers and networks, so the relatively cheap Nokia has become a more realistic choice. Sina science and Technology (na.c China is the country with the largest, most complete and strongest comprehensive strength in the field of physical testing equipment in China's development)

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