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The survey shows that 56% of WiFi users use mobile devices

according to foreign media reports, jiwire, an American Wi Fi service provider, recently released a survey report saying that the number of users using Wi Fi enabled mobile devices to connect to Wi Fi hotspots is increasing, and the maintenance knowledge of scroll spring fatigue testing machine is increasing. 56% of respondents will use their smart or other mobile devices to log in to Wi Fi networks. 14% of the respondents said that mobile devices were the main medium for them to connect to public Wi Fi hotspots, which solved the problems that were difficult to solve in China in the past

In the survey, jiwire found that among all the popular mobile operating systems, Google Android became the second most popular system in the fourth quarter of last year, and its market share increased by 167%. Apple products, including iPhone (I) and iPod t to the 810S of the last century, are still the most popular in the market. However, the market share of iPhone OS fell by 2% in the fourth quarter. Among non devices, Sony's PSP is becoming more and more popular with public Wi Fi users. At the same time, three of the top ten tools that are often used by users to connect public Wi Fi hotspots are not products

Ji foreign famous cold and hot shock experimental machine enterprises have increased their sales. David staas, senior vice president of wire marketing department, said that with the popularity of mobile devices, more and more people will use, upload, and even game devices to connect to the network outside their homes and offices. According to the data from Morgan Stanley, in this year, the shipments of wireless devices with online functions will exceed 890million. This will not only innovate the way people integrate media into their daily life, but also change the nature of media advertising

in 2009, public Wi Fi hotspots increased by 21.9%. In addition, the usage rate of Wi Fi also continued to grow, with an increase of 8.2% in the fourth quarter alone. Travelers will use wi - free Wi Fi services supported by Microsoft (Bing) and Google during the holiday. Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter, users' Wi Fi usage in airports and cafes also increased by 26% and 22.9% respectively. In the United States, 9% of notebook computer users transferred from data cards to Wi Fi in the second half of last year, which has also become a factor promoting the development of Wi Fi wireless networks

McDonald's began to provide free Wi Fi wireless services this year, so jiwire predicts that the number of free Wi Fi hotspots in the United States will increase by 15 percentage points, while increasing its proportion in all public Wi Fi hotspots to 52%. CCID China informatization ()

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