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According to the survey, the implementation of the national standard for paper cups is poor, and the implementation of the standards for disposable paper products is chaotic.

it has been two months since the formal implementation of the new national standards for paper cups, paper lunch boxes, paper bowls and other national standards. The survey results released by the International Food Packaging Association recently showed that few products implement the new standards in the current market, and the implementation of national and industrial standards is chaotic, and even some enterprise products implement the standards that have long been invalidated

gb/t paper lunch box, gb/t paper cup, gb/t paper bowl and other three national standards have been officially implemented since June 1. Among them, the new standard of paper cup puts forward the requirements for printing position for the first time, that is, the cup mouth should not be printed within 15 mm from the cup body, and the cup bottom should not be printed within 10 mm from the cup body. According to a survey released by the International Food Packaging Association, among the paper cup products collected in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other regions, only the problem of graphene sheet convergence can be eliminated, and one product is printed according to the new standard

the survey results show that at present, food paper products manufacturers mostly implement qb/t "meal paper products", QB "paper cup" and other industry standards, few products implement the new standards, and even some products implement the wrong standards. For example, the executive standard of marking a paper disposable fast food box sold in a supermarket in Beijing is gb18006 According to the general technical requirements for plastic disposable tableware, the executive standard for the marking of two products is gb18006 General technical conditions for disposable degradable tableware; The former is applicable to disposable tableware made of various thermoplastic materials, and is not applicable to paper products. The latter is an obsolete standard for functional inspection in the testing process and the evaluation, review and suggestions of the final test piece

even compared with industry standards, the survey results show that among the 25 paper cup samples investigated, 11 samples have unqualified cup body stiffness; At the same time, many product identification information is not up to standard, such as some products mark the capacity and test the size of plastic parts, the unit uses ounces instead of milliliters, some only mark the capacity without marking the product quality grade and other information, and some products even mark the number of the executive standard incorrectly

the survey results also showed that in the 36 samples of double-layer instant noodles barrels, milk tea cups and so on, most of the outer fluorescent substances did not meet the food paper standard. The outer fluorescent substances exceed the standard, which may be the use of non food grade paper or even waste paper. Harmful substances may enter the human body through the mouth, skin and other ways, or may penetrate into food, and long-term accumulation will affect health

Dong Jinshi, Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, said that due to the lack of clear requirements for the outer paper of double-layer paper in the paper product standards, at present, many quality inspection institutions in China can only detect the content of fluorescent substances in the inner paper in direct contact with food, but cannot detect the outer paper, or can detect the content but cannot judge the test results, resulting in the use of non food grade paper in the outer paper of some products However, the overall test results of the products may be a paradox of qualification; It is suggested that the relevant national departments should clarify the index requirements for the quality of the inner and outer layers of double-layer paper as soon as possible, and clarify that the separation rate of the collet of the universal testing machine should be kept as constant as possible and within the specified stress rate range, so as to improve the relationship between the national recommended standards and the industrial standards, which is convenient for the production, testing and supervision of enterprises

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