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According to the survey, Germany has the largest plastic recycling plant in the European Union

last year, the European Commission introduced new packaging recycling requirements, which nearly tripled the packaging recycling target of its 25 member states. The new recycling target has brought additional cost pressure to the food industry, because as plastics, especially PET, continue to show their advantages in quality and convenience over glass products, more and more food and beverages begin to use reading intuitive plastic products for product packaging

in addition, local governments in some European countries have also launched recycling and recycling plans to improve waste recovery and reduce waste accumulated at landfills. In addition, some operating companies also plan to recycle plastic waste for reuse and reduce the cost of purchasing raw polymers. According to a report from applied market information, a British research firm, Germany has the largest number of plastic recycling plants in the EU, accounting for 21.4% of the total, while the UK, Italy, France and Spain are 14.3%, 13%, 8.9% and 7.6% respectively

this report investigated 1000 companies in the European Union. The results showed that the main source of raw materials for recycling plants was the industrial market, and about 90% of the waste recycled and processed by recycling companies came from this market. In addition, less than 10% of the company's raw materials come from the agricultural industry. The survey found that the business models of recycling companies are different: some companies are mainly toll recycling companies of some industrial customers. First, the tensile properties, tensile strength, yield strength and other experiments of metal materials such as anchor cables, marine anchor chains, marine anchor chains and cast steel anchor chains are mainly concentrated in the UK and Germany, and many different materials are recycled through model fire experiments to judge the flame retardancy of external wall insulation systems, Including plastic waste. Few companies use recycled materials as raw materials to produce other raw materials or finished products

the report points out that it is relatively easy to recycle clean and pre classified waste, so most companies are willing to accept clean and uncontaminated waste. 40% of companies can recycle polluted and messy waste, and about 13% of companies can deal with wet plastic waste

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